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George Coleman CONNOLLY [Parents] "Doctor" was born 1761 in Lancaster. He died 1838 in Kanawha Co., VA and was buried in Wright Cemetery, Calhoun Co., VA. Doctor married Sallie MORRIS.

Another Revolutionary War ancestor is George Connolly who was born May 20, 1761. On August 11, 1834 George Connolly, aged 72 years, applied for his pension saying that he enlisted for 3 years in April 1779 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, under Capt. Lovely. He stayed in Fredericksburg, with the other soldiers who had enlisted, for about 2 weeks. He then marched to Richmond, Virginia and joined the 4th Regiment commanded by Colonel William Davis. He stayed a few days and then marched to the coalmines in Henrico County, Virginia where he stayed four months.

He said that when the British came into Richmond, the troops were marched into battle. When they got to Richmond, the British had gone down the River to their ships. The troops pursued them by land down the river, but did not overtake them. They were then marched back to Richmond and stayed a few days. Afterwards, they were marched to Chesterfield Court House where they wintered for six months.

From Chesterfield Court House the troops were marched to Petersburg where they stayed four months. In April 1781, the Enemy appeared across the creek and began firing upon the American Army which had found access along the street and on the opposite side of the creek. After firing 23 rounds, George was wounded both in his arm and his leg. The American Army retreated, leaving George Connolly and about 19 others prisoners. They were taken aboard a British ship, where the ball in George’s leg was extracted by one of their surgeons. The prisoners were then sent on to New York and put in the hospital there. Upon his getting well, he said he was imprisoned with about 300 other Americans He said he was in the hospital and prison in New York for seven months until Clinton evacuated the town. This was subsequent to Cornwallis' defeat at Yorktown in October 1781.

When the prisoners were set free, he went home to Richmond County Virginia where he where he lived for 8 years. He then moved to Harrison County where he stayed 16 years; to Lewis County where he stayed 2 years; and then to Kanawha County VA where he had lived for 9 years at the time he applied for his pension. He is referred to as Dr. George Connolly, but it is not certain if he was a physician. He signed his name to his pension application, and it appears he was could read and write.

Around 1825, he was one of the first settlers on the West Fork of the Little Kanawha River which flows in a north by west direction through the Washington District of Calhoun County, West Virginia. He settled just below the mouth of Sier's Run, at Minnora, and in 1833 he owned 140 acres on the West Fork. In 1835 Dr. George Connolly taught the first school in the Washington District. The schoolhouse was a small cabin, typical of all early pioneer schoolhouses and was located on the right fork of the West Fork. He died May 10, 1838.

Notes for George Coleman "Doctor" Connolly:
Revolutionary War Pension Application:
George Connolly VA 27888
VA S16734
Northumberland County, VA was a private under the command of Col. Davis in VA for 2 years. $80 per year beginning on 3/4/1831.
In "The West Virginia Heritage Encylopedia", we read that Dr. George Conley was one of the first settlers in Washington District, Calhoun County, (now) West Virginia. He moved to the area soon after Peter McCune, Jr., who built the first cabin in 1815. The first school in Washington District was taught by Dr. George Conley in the year 1835. The house was a small cabin, erected according to the style of architecture employed in building all the early pioneer school houses. It was located on the right fork of the West Fork.

From Reflections of a Lifetime by Daniel S Dewees page 13
Dr. George Connolly , who moved to the West fork, settling just below the mouth of Sier's Run, at Minnora about the year of 1825, and his son Patrick Connolly whose wife was Mary Stallman, commonly called Pop who for a half a century was a noted woman in the West Fork country, a woman of a strong mind, and a great financier.The daughter of Dr. George Connolly that I knew were first the one who married Elijah Hall Sr. before narrated, next Sabria who married Abraham Helmack, who lived at what is known as the Capt. A. Knotts place, now owned by Harvey Proudfoot's wife. Abraham Helmack was a man in his day that was a great sport, and kept things lively, he lived to be an old man leaving a large family.

John Connoly a son of the old Dr. George, married a daughter of Anthony Parsons. John lived where what is now known as the Wm. Knotts homestead on the Left hand fork of West Fork, he was accused of being implacated in the Jonathan Nicholas murder and disappeared, his family following him to Missouri. Ailsey, another daughter of Dr. Connolly married Thomas Jarvis Sr. who settled on what is now known as the Lem Witt farm and owned all the country from the mouth of Sier;s run up the creek to the mouth of Walnut and up both the White Oaks and was a very business man of his day, his sons were Willam, Alfred, Weeden, Josiah, Thomas P, Caleb and Wesley and three daughters that I knew of,one married James Goldsmith, another one Benjamin Parson's ,a grand-son of Joesph Parsons, another of Dr. Geo. Connolly's daughter Mary, married Solomon Jarvis, a brother of Thomas Jarvis Sr. and Thomas Connolly was Dr. George Connolly's youngest son, learned the blacksmith's trade under Elijah Flesher and afterwards married his daughter and put up a blacksmith shop on the south side of the river from Glenville, the County set of Gilmer county,. Thomas Connolly's wife died and his second wife was Mariah Bush a daughter of Jacob Bush who lived on Leading creek.Jacobs Bush's wife's name was Hannah Fisher, from about Weston, Lewis County.

A daughter born in 1802 is said to have married Anthony Parsons.

From Roane County History 1989: Sallie Connally was dgtr of Gen. George Cole and Sally Morris Connolly. (Submitted by Peggy Flesher Stricklin)

Source: Renick

Sallie MORRIS [Parents] was born 1769 in Lancaster Co., VA. She died 1838 in Kanawha Co., VA. Sallie married George Coleman CONNOLLY.

They had the following children:

  M i William Morris CONNOLLY was born 1792.
  F ii Elizabeth B. CONNOLLY was born 1793.
  F iii Mary Edison CONNOLLY was born 1794.
  F iv Sarah Morris CONNOLLY was born 1798 and died 1889.
  F v Fair Sabra CONNOLLY was born 1800 and died 1866.
  M vi Patrick CONNOLLY was born 1802 and died 1868.
  F vii Ailsey Bently CONNOLLY was born 1803 and died 1875.
  M viii John N. B. CONNOLLY was born 1803 and died 1852.
  M ix George C. CONNOLLY was born 1804 and died 1878.
  M x Thomas Coleman CONNOLLY was born 1811 and died 1892.

Henry BOOHER was born 1769.

He had the following children:

  F i Margaret BOOHER was born 1802 and died 1860.

Eli CONNOLLY [Parents] was born 1826 in Lewis Co., VA. He died 1897 in Smithville, Roane Co., WV and was buried in Ayers Cemetery. Eli married Malinda GREATHOUSE on 1853.

Malinda GREATHOUSE [Parents] was born 1831. She died 1909 and was buried in Ayers Cemetery, Smithville, Roane Co., WV. Malinda married Eli CONNOLLY on 1853.

Notes for Malinda Greathouse:
In 1860 census, a Malinda Connolly age 29 and Sarah Jane Connolly age 14 were shown in household with John Sr and Sarah Greathouse

Malinda and her sister Matilda married Connolly brothers
Source: Renick

Alexander BENNETT was born 1824. He married Julia Ann CONNOLLY on 1851.

1860 Calhoun Co. Property Value 2,500 and Personal value 289.
Alex 33
Julian 30
Rachael 8
Margaret 6
Robert 4
Elizabeth 2
Serena 1\12
Source: Renick

Julia Ann CONNOLLY [Parents] was born 1829. She died 1906. Julia married Alexander BENNETT on 1851.

Uriah CONNOLLY [Parents] was born 1831 in Lewis Co., VA. He died 1912 in Roane Co., WV. Uriah married Isabelle GREATHOUSE on 1853.

1860 Census
Roane Co. W. Va. age 28. Personal value 50. Isabele 25, Thomas R 5, Sanford 4, Matilda D. 2, Margaret L. 1\12.
Source: Renick

Isabelle GREATHOUSE was born 1834. She died 1911. Isabelle married Uriah CONNOLLY on 1853.

Thomas R. CONNOLLY [Parents] was born 1833 in Lewis Co., VA. He died 1875. Thomas married Margaret Amelia BADGETT on 1855 in Gilmer Co., VA.

1860 Census Calhoun age 26. Personal value 60. Margaret A 26, Nancy M.
4, George P. 2, and Manora 4\12. #948

Thomas Connolly...26...Lewis...Farmer
Margaret A...26...VA
Nancy M...4...Calhoun
George P...2...Calhoun
Manora A...4/12...Calhoun
Source: Calhoun County Census, 1860
Population schedules of the Eighth Census of the United States, 1860, Roll 1340.
Transcribed by Linda Cunningham Fluharty from National Archives Microcopy No. M653. Online at:

Margaret Amelia BADGETT married Thomas R. CONNOLLY on 1855 in Gilmer Co., VA.

Daniel NULL was born 1825. He married Sarah M. CONNOLLY on 1853.

Sarah M. CONNOLLY [Parents] was born 1836 in Lewis Co., VA. She married Daniel NULL on 1853.

Thomas B. HOPKINS married Amelia CONNOLLY on 1856 in Calhoun Co., VA.

Amelia CONNOLLY [Parents] was born 1838 in Lewis Co., VA. She married Thomas B. HOPKINS on 1856 in Calhoun Co., VA.

George Coleman CONNOLLY [Parents] was born 1840 in Lewis Co., VA. He died 1921 in Calhoun Co., WV. George married Sarah Jane NULL on 1861 in Calhoun Co., VA.

Other marriages:
NICHOLAS, Bathsheba

George married Bathsheba Nicholas February 11, 1871 daughter of JOHN NICHOLS and MAUDE NUTTER.
Source: Renick

Sarah Jane NULL [Parents] was born 1844. She married George Coleman CONNOLLY on 1861 in Calhoun Co., VA.

Daniel NULL married JEFFERS.

JEFFERS married Daniel NULL.

They had the following children:

  F i Sarah Jane NULL was born 1844.

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