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WW1 Aviation History
WWI Aviation  An illustrated history of WW1 aviation.
Ro§bud’s WW1 Aviation Image Archive  A large collection of photographs on WW1 aircraft (765+ images).
Frontflieger  German Air Service Members 1914-18... 800 known soldiers, who either fell or died later. Detailed personal information. List of units, a special Richthofen Photo Album etc. Excellent Sanke Card collection.
Canadian Air Aces & Heroes
Canadian Aces of WW1, WW2 & Korea.
The Royal Flying Corps  Information regarding the 100th Squadron RFC.
The 27th Pursuit Squadron  Information regarding the 27th Pursuit Squadron AEF.
WWI Aviation Links   Lists links, as well as many photos.
World War I Aviation Page  Aces and their victories, and concise history.
US Aero Squadron in Italy  Information on the US Naval Reserve Force at Porto Corsini - Italy (August-December 1918).

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WW1 Aircraft
World War 1 Aeroplanes, Inc.  Provides material list which offers resources for detailed information on WW1 aircraft. Back-issues of "WW1 Aero"
WW1 Aircraft Photo Archive  Excellent source for museum photographs of WW1 aircraft.
Fokker  A Web Site dedicated to the Fokker Dr.I aircraft, with additional info on Tony Fokker, Manfred von Richthofen, and Jastas. Lists serial numbers on all known Fokker Dr.I's, with photos & info when available.
WW1 (& Before) Aircraft Drawings  Nice drawings for a variety of aircraft.
The Aviation Profiles of Bob Pearson & Chris Banyai-Riepl  Excellent aircraft color drawings and profile art, from pioneer to present.
Bob Pearson’s Aviation Page  Lot’s of aircraft profiles. Also aces portraits.
WW1 Modeling Photo Archive  Lot’s of great photos.
The Nieuport Pages  Nice graphics on each Nieuport varient.
Triplane Madness  Three wings, four wings, five wings, more wings!!!!!
Zeppelin  This website gives you a place to begin learning about both the history and the present of the Zeppelin airships.
Holcomb’s Aerodrome  Photos and drawings of some pioneer, Great War, and Golden Age aircraft.
The Ansaldo A-1 "Balilla"  Info, photos, drawings, diagrams, and cockpit pictures of the Italian fighter.
Bréguet 14 A2 in Finnish service  Thorough information and photographs.
The Fokker D.VII File  History, photographs, and specifications.
Thomas Morse S4C "Scout"  Information and photos on the famous scout trainer.
Early Junkers Aircraft of World War I  Information on many types of Junkers aircraft.
Sopwith Pup  Information and photos of a restored Sopwith Pup.
WW1 aircraft engines  Diagrams of several leading WW1 era engines.

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WW1 Replica Aircraft  Graham Lee's famous WW1 replicas of the Nieuport 11, Nieuport 17, Nieuport 12, Morane "Bullet", Sopwith Baby, Sopwith Tabloid, and Siemens Shuckert D.I.
Vintage Aviation, Inc.   A new site established as a meeting place for potential buyers and sellers of WW1 memorabilia, products and services.
Replicraft  Replicraft plan sets are used in many ways. Leo Opdycke of WWI.AERO refers to them as historical documents while others buy them just to own a truly accurate set of drawings. Email:  Kit, Homebuilt, Restoration and General Aviation Aircraft. All kinds of stuff about and for the Kit Plane community. Includes information on homebuilts, kits, restoration and general aviation. Get a personal "Hanger" to post info on your aircraft, and view others. A large photo collection of kit-built craft (including many our WW1 era).
Kiwi Aircraft Images   A site dedicated to photographs of aircraft from every period on location in New Zealand. WW1 aircraft include 2 Fokker DrI's, a SE5a, a Bristol Fighter, and a rotary-equipped Sopwith Camel (owned by Film Director Peter Jackson of the epic masterpiece "The Lord of the Rings").
Fokker-Team-Schorndorf   A group dedicated to the research and replication of pre-1920 German aircraft.
Fokker D.VII Technical Drawings   Drawings of all the previously undocumented parts are now available as a result of detailed studies of D.VII's at museums throughout Europe.
Airdrome Aeroplanes  Replicas of Fokker Dr.I, Fokker E.3, Fokker D.8, and Fokker D.6.
Clifford Aeroworks  Replica of the SPAD 13.
Loehle Aircraft  Replicas of SE5a, Fokker D.7, SPAD 13, and Curtis Jenny.

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Pilot Biographies
General Information
    The Aerodrome  The Aces of World War One. Includes a forum.
Manfred von Richthofen - "The Red Baron"
    Anzacs - Who Killed the Red Baron?  Contains diagrams and elaboration of details surrounding Richthofen’s death.
    The Red Fighter Pilot  Online autobiography of Manfred Von Richthofen, the Red Baron.
    Death of von Richthofen  An excellent look at the death of Manfred Von Richthofen, the Red Baron.
Edward V. Rickenbacker - "America's Ace of Aces"
    Fighting the Flying Circus  Online memoirs of Eddie Rickenbacker, the American Ace of Aces.
Billy Bishop - "Britain's Top Aces"
    Air Marshal William Avery Bishop  Information on the great Canadian Ace.
    Victoria Cross Reference - William Bishop  Information on Billy Bishop.
Oswald Boelcke - "Father of Aerial Combat"
    Jasta Boelcke  Information on Oswald Boelcke and other famous German flyers.
Werner Voss
    Flieger / Pilots "Werner Voss"  Offers information including lots of big photos, and a diagram of Voss’s Albatross D.III.
    Werner Voss  Information on one of Germany’s greatest fighter pilots.
George Guynemer - "France's Beloved Ace"
    Georges Guynemer "The Most Brilliant Stork"  Offers a brief biography of the great French ace, and descriptions of six of his aircraft.
Edward "Mick" Mannock
    Edward "Mick" Mannock  Information and photographs on Mick Mannock.
    Victoria Cross Reference - Edward Mannock  Information on Mick Mannock.
    Major Mick Mannock  Concise biography on Mick Mannock.
    Major Edward Mannock  Concise biography on Mick Mannock.
Albert Ball
    Victoria Cross Reference - Albert Ball  Information on Albert Ball.
Lafayette Escadrille
    High Adventure  Online War memoirs of James Norman Hall, famous author and member of the Lafayette Escadrille.
    Thomas Genth’s Home Page  Information about Leutnant Adolf Genth and the Gotha bomber.

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WW1 Air Shows & Museums
Classic Fighters Airshow  Classic Fighters is more than an airshow. Aircraft are displayed as part of a theatrical spectacle, where battle scenes from both World Wars are re-enacted on the ground as well as in the air.
Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome  Large selection of aircraft from WW1 and Golden Age. Air shows. Barnstorming rides.

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WW1 Replica Clubs
Kansas City Dawn Patrol  Nieuport 11 replica club. Air shows.

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WW1 Aviation Societies
World War 1 Aeroplanes, Inc.  WW 1 Aero (1900-1919), and Skyways (1920-1940) journals. Fokker D.7 plans.
Cross and Cockade International  The Society of First World War Aero Historians.
Over The Front  The League of World War One Aviation Historians.

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World War I Modeling Page  The number one source for enthusiasts of WW1 Aircraft models.
Replicraft  Replicraft plan sets are used in many ways. Leo Opdycke of WWI.AERO refers to them as historical documents while others buy them just to own a truly accurate set of drawings. They are used by world class R. C. Modelers. Email:
CardModels.Net  CardModels.Net is a website dedicated to scale paper modeling. They are a 700 member forum with member galleries, modeling contests, tutorials etc. They have opened a shop for the sale of card model kits.
Wings of Horus Paper Warbird Models  We design and distribute our own brand of scale airplane kits. We specialize in designing models of aircraft from the First World War. We sell Models, Books, Hardware, Software, and Craft Tools.
Arizona Models  If you've got the time and money to invest into a museum quality model, the quality and selection of these WW1 aircraft will blow you away. Kits and plans available in a variety of scales, from 1/12 to 1/3.
WW1 Modelers Web ring  An excellent starting point for modelers.
Fiddler's Green  Sells a large variety WW1 Aircraft paper models.
Rosemont Hobby Shop  Specializes in WW1 modeling.
Pegasus Models & Blue Max Productions  Providers of1/72 & 1/48 scale limited run injection moulded aircraft kits, and high quality hand printed specialist decal sheets.
Insignia Web Magazine Quarterly  The military aviation magazine from Blue Rider Publishing.
l’Escadrille  A World War One Modeler Let Loose on the World Wide Web.
Sar-Feast Lundn  The happy Site devoted to modeling Allied aircraft of WW1 and earlier.

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Dawn of Aces  The free multiplayer flight-sim for the PC and Mac.
Red Baron 3D Art Attack  Resources and information for fans of "Red Baron 3D" and military flight sims.
Master of the Skies: the Red Ace  WW1 aerial combat game, with free demo.

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General Interest
Order Of Daedalians   America's Premier Fraternal Organization Of Military Pilots.
Trenches on the Web  An Internet History of the Great War.  Provides links to Web Sites on every genre of aviation.
World War I Factbook  Information on the Great War, including timelines, aces, and casualties.
Translation of German terms  Translation of German words, aviation terms, and ranks from the Great War period.
Military History at  Links for Web Sites of Military interest from ancient times to the present.
World War One Songs   2 Tape/CD Set   10 Tape/CD Set

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