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Mrs. Lucy Rutherfurd, reported to be FDR's lover for 25 years, was once Eleanor Roosevelt's social secretary.  Lucy was with FDR in Warm Springs, Georgia when he died.
It was former Nazi Ernst Kuhne who in 1982 revealed President Roosevelt had been assassinated. He had met the Nazi agents who engineered FDR's murder.
Eleanor Roosevelt (second from the left) and her lover UPI reporter Lorena Hickok (on right) with young friends. Hickok has been described as a first class reporter who smoked cigars and dressed like a police matron.
The Warm Springs Georgia Polio Foundation grounds as they appeared in the 1940s.
FDR's cottage at Warm Springs. It was where his security was most lax. It was also a place where his family knew they were not welcome.
Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, chief of Nazi Germany's secret service. He directed the massive espionage and sabotage campaign against the United States. A Justice Department report stated there had been over 4000 proven cases of enemy-directed sabotage in the U.S. between 1940 and the end of WWII.
Heinrich Himmler, chief of Germany's Gestapo, and Feuhrer Adolph Hitler. Hitler ordered  the assassination of FDR: "Eliminate Roosevelt once and for all."  Himmler assigned the mission to AMT-4, the assassination section of the Gestapo.
One of the last photos taken of Franklin D. Roosevelt, age 63. He was not "a dying president" as the public has been led to believe. With Lucy Rutherfurd at his side at Warm Springs, he was enjoying life to its fullest. He died from eating a cyanide-laced bowl of porridge.