Flammenwerfer 41
The German army had been using flamethrowers since WW1. Flammenwerfer 41 is the most encountered type of flamethrower today. Flammenwerfer 41, first saw use during the German invasion of Russia in 1941. When the Flammenwerfer 41 first came into production, the major change from the predecessor, Der kleiner Flammenwerfer was the tank set. A new and much lighter carrying frame, and smaller tanks for oil and Nitrogen was the consept of the Flammenwerfer 41. The earlier pattern Strahlrohr, or the fireing tube was the same type as the earlier versions - with a small hydrogen tank for burning a pilot flame to ignite the oil mixture, when the valve was opened. In 1942 a entirely new type of strahlrohr was put into use, wich used a special type of ignition cartridge to ignite the oil.

I have 2 Flammenwerfer 41's in my collection (one of these two are to be restored)
I have both types of Strahlrohr, one for each flamethrower.

The first pictures are of the first type of Flammenvwerfer 41, wich is the one that is to be restored. It has the first pattern Strahlrohr.
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