Players Nexus is going through a makeover. So in other words the admin did something to make the site not work anymore. Well rest assured you small band of loyal visitors....Players Nexus will be up and running soon.

Welcome to Players Nexus Family

Officers of Players Nexus
Guild Master: Sapphi
Asst Guild Master: Alemarar

We try to be available as much as possible to answer questions, provide help or find someone who can help if we are not available. We wish we could provide individual help to each and every one of you but as the guild grows we need to depend on each other more and more. This is how our big family will survive. If you need help on a quest or have a general question use guild chat to ask. We really are there for each other and you reach the most available people by using guild chat to ask those questions.



    * Uphold the honor of the Guild at all times. You are a representative of our Guild. Our reputation should make our members proud, and other people happy to have us around. Don't let your guild mates down.

    * Respect is mandatory. Treat all members as equals. Be thoughtful of others even when joking.

    * Personal Integrity and Maturity are expected. Please don't start drama. Childishness and mellow drama have no place here.

    * Do not "grief" other players. Don't attempt to ruin the game for others, not even the Alliance.

    * Go Kennedy. Ask not what the clan can do for you, ask what you can do for the clan. Members are expected to work together for the betterment of all.

    * Don't expect more than you give. There are many ways to contribute to improve the community we are trying to build.

    * All members have the opportunity and responsibility to take initiative. What ever your ideals are; you are free to take steps to guide the guild in that direction. The Guild belongs to all members and its future depends on the contributions of everyone. Leadership is not solely responsible for your enjoyment, nor entertainment.

    * All activities involving the game are voluntary. No demands should be put upon any player's time nor resources.

    * Be supportive. Pay it forward. If you give, you are going to receive. We are a team. Sometimes the smallest kindness brings the greatest reward.

    * Be positive and enthusiastic. Encourage integrity, praise virtue, and respect sacrifice. If you feel someone acts remarkably let it be known so that all members may be proud.

    * Need before Greed. Always. When in a guild only group, no matter what the loot system used, the need before greed code is always in effect. Selfishness is not tolerated. This does not mean select need every time what this means is if someone in the guild or group is in need of something they should be given the opportunity before anyone else…this is true every time. If you want to be invited back to a group don’t be a ninja!

    * Communicate. If you have problems or issues use the chain of command. Any big issues please make it known to Sapphi or Alemarar.

    * Sapphi has final say on things, however all members have the right to be heard. Speak up when you need to. All decisions are not taken lightly.

    * Guild Master, Co Guild Master, Assistant Guild Masters are always there to help if they are logged in. So use them. They have accepted the extra responsibility to help when possible or finding someone who can help. Please remember that these admins are playing the game too, so if they are busy...give them time to respond, or send mail to them with your request.

    * Participate in guild functions. We need to count on people to help with raids, groups, and other fun activity. Please make extra effort to participate!

    * Remember this is a family guild…Disrespect and/or bad language will not be tolerated in guild chat.





    * Do not sell items received from guild bank in the auction house.

    * If you take items from the bank please donate some funds and/or replace items at your earliest convenience so it is there for the next guild member who needs it.

    * We do not want junk items in the bank, so please put items in if you think someone will need it. At this moment only the admins are allowed to make gold withdrawals, but everyone can deposit money.

    * We do try to make gold available to our guild members for things such as training and mounts. These monies are loans and should be paid back at earliest convenience so that it is there for next guild member who needs it.

    * If you need anything that is in guild bank please message Asst GM or Sapphi. We will be happy to assist you.


      Please donate Gold, Purple items, Blue items, Hard to find tradable quest items, Enchanting supplies, Cloth and other items for professions. Also 14 and 16 slot bags are always in demand as well as bags for trades such as mining bags, gem bags and herbalist bags. Sapphi and Alemarar used a great deal of their own gold to get this bank started so for it to keep going we need donations!