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What's new several characters are now deceased. Tabitha Smith was killed by the Leper Queen R.I.P. Tabitha Smith. Wolf Cub was killed by Donald Pierce. Ripcord and Skybolt both died battling Iron Man's anti registration heroes S.H.I.E.L.D. group. Darkstar was killed by Fantomex after she was possessed by a former Weapon-X mutant. Scorch was killed during the battle with Fitzroy, Pyro died stopping Post from killing Senator Kelly, Shard sacrificed her life so Bishop could stop Fitzroy. Caliban was killed by the Reavers, Icarus and Wallflower were slain by the Purifiers, James and Heather of Alpha Flight both were killed by Xorn I, Corsair was killed by Vulcan, Tattoo killed by the Zodiac, Petra killed by Krakoa, Sway killed by Krakoa, Moira MacTaggert killed by Mystique, Senator Kelly killed by an assassin, Mr. Sinister killed by Mystique, Sabretooth killed by Wolverine, Lady Mastermind killed by Wolverine, Roma slain by Merlin, Black Box slain by Sabretooth, Gateway killed by the Marauders, Meggan Braddock sacrificed her own life to save all of reality, Banshee slain by Vulcan, Feral slain by Sabretooth and Jean Grey killed by Xorn I the imposter Magneto (Note to viewers clearing up the whole Xorn confusion. Xorn I and Xorn II were never related to Magneto. Xorn I used his own powers to impersonate Magneto. He attacked the X-Men under orders from John Sublime who the X-Men rescued him from only Xorn was working for Sublime the whole time. Xorn I first died at the hands of Wolverine after killing Jean Grey. An evolved version of Xorn I emerged threatening Earth's heroes and was defeated. Xorn II is the benevolent brother of Xorn I who was rescued from the Chinese by Havok's team during Havok's time as a member of the X-Men. Xorn II was an interim member of the X-Men he soon quit the team to pursue his own path. Little is known of his fate other than the fact he was one of the mutants to be depowered). Warlock II formerly Douglock, Psylocke, Colossus and Magik I now Darkchilde are all now alive. X-Babies pics are gone from the former X-Men Page due to space limit. However added characters to my site check out my Former X-Men Page for them. Lot of changes have been happening. Had to restore my X-Men 2099 page and create a condensed version of the New X-Men Academy-X page found on the same page as the X-Men 2099 page. Hope to be able to more fully restore it in the future. Agent Zero, Thor, Surge I and Dr. Windsor are no longer up on my Former X-Men page due to space since they are respectively Maverick, Donald Blake Thor's human identity of course, Mystique and Mr. Sinister. Pics of them as themselves can still be found on my site. However look for brand spanking new characters on my Former X-Men Page and a fan favorite on my main page. Added X-Men(2) United a site about the X-Men movie sequel. Check out Scott's X-Mansion Layout Page for pics of the exterior and interior of the new mansion.

Wolverine: Noir #1: A woman named Mariko Yoshida asked James Howlett and his partner Logan aka Dog to help her. Dog went to confront a man named Creed. After Dog disappeared James went looking for his partner.

Exiles Vol.3 #1: The New Exiles Morph pulled alternate reality versions of the Scarlet Witch, Beast, Polaris, Forge, the Black Panther and Blink out of their own realities before they died. He sent them to a reality where Magneto and the Brotherhood killed Wolverine and defeated the X-Men.

Wolverine: Weapon-X #1: Wolverine met with his ex team mate Maverick. Maverick revealed that someone is creating new human weapons using blueprints stolen from the Weapon-X program.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #1 of 5: Deadpool was hired by a millionaire's son to kill the person he owed money to. A building was blown up and Deadpool was blamed for it. The millionaire's son met with the person who planned it Tombstone. The Punisher heard that Deadpool had killed several people and decided to target him.

X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks #1: Story 1-Psylocke found out Slaymaster was going to go after Captain Britain. Psylocke returned to her own reality and killed Slaymaster. Story 2-Flashback when Vargas had slain Psylocke. Wolverine remembered one of Betsy's old missions.

X-Force/Cable Messiah War One Shot: Cyclops sent X-Force into the future to aid Cable. Bishop met with Cable's old foe Stryfe.

Deadpool: Games of Death One Shot: A millionaire hired Deadpool to go to an island where his son was being held and compete in a competition to the death. Deadpool outlasted all of the competition and killed the host who turned out to be the millionaire's son.

Ultimatum #2 of 5: Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were murdered. Magneto and the Brotherhood killed Valkyrie, Wasp, Nightcrawler, Beast and Dazzler. Invisible Girl was injured. Hulk and Spider-Man rescued people in New York. Iron Man and Carol Danvers attempted to revive Captain America. The Thig visited Invisible Girl in the hospital. Mr. Fantastic and Zarda teamed up with Dr. Doom. Thor and Captain America fought Hela to restore Valkyrie to life. Yellowjacket and Hawkeye found the Blob eating Wasp. Magneto murdered Xavier. Ultimatum #3 of 5: Yellowjacket killed the Blob. The X-Men found out that Magneto had killed Xavier. Thor sacrificed himself well restoring Valkyrie to life. Yellowjacket gathered up Madrox's duplicates and let them blow him up to save the rest of the Ultimates. Captain America was returned to life.

X-Men: Manifest Destiny Nightcrawler One Shot: Nightcrawler left the X-Men and traveled to his home town Winzeldorf. There he encountered a mutant boy who looked like a demon. The towns people killed the mutant boy. Nightcrawler met a woman who idolized him. He returned to the X-Men and helped them defeat Grotesk.

War of Kings #1 of 6: Vulcan sicked the Imperial Guard on Black Bolt's people. Lilandra was abducted during the battle. Gorgon and Ch'od were injured. Ronan the Accuser was killed. War of Kings #2 of 6: The Starjammers and Inhumans retaliated against the Sh'iar by destroying an entire Sh'iar fleet.

X-Men: First Class Finals Vol.3 #2: Juggernaut showed up out of nowhere and defeated Frederick. Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman and Marvel Girl I went to investigate a mysterious mutant signal Cerebra picked up. The original X-Men found Magneto. X-Men: First Class Finals Vol.3 #3: Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman and Xavier found themselves being attacked by Jean's mind.

X-Men Vs. Hulk One Shot: Story 1-Set in the past when Kitty was still alive. Wolverine arranged for Colossus to battle the Hulk. Kitty and Lockheed were almost injured in the battle. Colossus smacked Wolverine to repay him for it. Story 2-The original X-Men sought Banner's help to save Xavier. They battled the Hulk. Banner helped the X-Men save Xavier.

X-Men: The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop #1 of 3: The story of the birth of Lucas Bishop and the birth of his sister Shard. Bishop's life in a mutant camp. The death of Bishop's parents and his seperation from his sister Shard. X-Men: The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop #2 of 3: Lucas was reunited with his grandmother and his sister Shard. A mutant named Trevor Fitzroy setup Lucas getting his sister Shard killed. Bishop promised to make Fitzroy pay.

X-Men: Origins Sabretooth One Shot: Victor Creed after discovering he was a mutant killed his brother, mother and father. Years later Creed crossed paths with Logan and seemingly killed Silver Fox. Side not Silver Fox survived she paid Logan back by killing Mariko Yoshida. Later on when Team X confronted Psi Borg. Psi Borg made Sabretooth kill Silver Fox for real. Years later Creed and Logan crossed paths again the two fought each other again.

Astonishing Tales #2: Story 1-The Punisher and Wolverine encountered Kimura and Predator X. The Punisher shoved Kimura inside of Predator X's mouth. Story 2-Arno Stark greeted several business people aboard his vessel. Well an assailant launched two missles at the vessel. Story 3-M.O.D.O.K. slaughtered several people in a diner dressed up as super heroes. Later M.O.D.O.K. was beaten by a kid. Story 4-Mojo, Sam and Roberto played several games to decide who would control which aspects of the movies they were going to make. Astonishing Tales #3: Story 1-Wolverine and Punisher escaped from Predator-X, Viper and Kimura with Tyger Tiger. Kimura and Viper found a way to make Predator-X target the Punisher. Story 2-Iron Man 2020 prepared to confront his antagonist who demanded that he hand over his passengers. Story 3-Mojo created a part for Sam and Roberto in their movie. Story 4-Jessica Drew was hired to find out who was killing actors at a studio. She found out it was a hoax to lure her into a trap. Jessica Drew in her guise as Spider-Woman I escaped from the trap.

Wolverine: Switchback One Shot: Story 1-Logan well passing through a small town encountered a sheriff who killed several motorists. Story 2-Logan rescued a woman from a group of rapists. The rapists got the drop on Logan and tied him up. Logan escaped and killed them.

War of Kings: Secret Invasion One Shot: The Inhumans left their base on the moon. They pursued and destroyed the remnants of the Skrull fleet. Several Sh'iar ships attacked the Inhumans. Black Bolt destroyed them. Later the Inhumans conquered the Kree. Vulcan and the Sh'iar declared war on the Inhumans.

New Exiles Annual #1: Morph, Mystiq, Gambit, Rogue and Psylocke wound up in a reality where a being called the Maker had used several villains to attack New York. The New Exiles with Valeria Richards confronted the Maker. Morph and Proteus agreed to share control over Morph's body together they defeated the Maker.

X-Men: Kingbreaker #3 of 4: Havok, Polaris, Ch'od and Raza escaped from their prisons. They rescued the Sh'iar from the convicts. Rachel Grey, Lilandra and Korvus found them. They encountered the mercenaries. Vulcan, Deathbird and the Imperial Guard arrived to finish the battle. X-Men: Kingbreaker #4 of 4: The Starjammers battled the mercenaries, the Imperial Guard, Deathbird and Vulcan. Korvus killed one of the mercenaries. The Imperial Guard killed the Hodinn. Lilandra wounded Deathbird. Havok wounded Vulcan. The Starjammers were forced to retreat and leave Raza behind. They entered Kree territory.

X-Men: Noir #3: The past Magnus killed Sean Cassidy. Present Peter Maximoff killed Remy LeBeau. Magnus forced his son to go after Unus to kill him. Halloway stopped Peter the zeppelin they both were in exploded. X-Men: Noir #4: Halloway killed Peter Maximoff. A grief stricken Magnus killed Sebastian Shaw. McCoy was killed well Bobby and him were saving Unus. The X-Men and Brotherhood clashed Dukes, Wyngarde, Unus and Bobby were all killed. Rogue turned out to be Jean she killed Magnus. She revealed to Halloway that she killed Rogue and took her place. Halloway killed Jean and himself.

X-Infernus #3 of 4: Colossus, Nightcrawler, Pixie, Mercury and Rockslide located Belasco's castle. Pixie teleported inside Belasco's daughter captured her and Ilyana. The others made their way inside. Belasco's daughter captured Colossus and Wolverine and turned them on Nightcrawler, Mercury and Rockslide. X-Infernus #4 of 4: Magik I, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Wolverine I, Pixie, Mercury II and Rockslide defeated Witchfire the daughter of Belasco. Magik was reunited with Sunspot, Cannonball, Moonstar and Karma.

Wolverine: Flies to a Spider One Shot: Wolverine wound up in a small town where he helped a drunk get rid of a mob, corrupt cops and a gang of bikers called the Road Dawgs.

Giant Sized X-Men: First Class #1: Story 1-Beast and Iceman accepted a mission from agent Baker to track down an alien in Antartica. The alien turned out to be a vegetable creature created by a scientist. Beast and Iceman destroyed it a mini creature hatched from it and escaped. Story 2-The original X-Men traveled to a town in California after agent Baker recieved a message from a contact. Iceman and Angel were replaced by plant creatures which replicate humans. They captured Beast, Marvel Girl pretended to be one of them and had Cyclops optic blast Beast splitting the beam and destroying them. The X-Men destroyed the pod people and saved the townsfolk. Story 3-A ryhming story told of how a young Xavier used his telepathy to punish other children for taunting him taking control of their minds. A man named Jones tried to uncover the truth and made a fake brick wall to spy on Xavier. Xavier had the other children turn the wall into a shed trapping Jones inside. Story 4-Beast and Cyclops used the Wizards flying saucer to travel to Korea in search of aliens. The Koreans attacked the saucer. Believing Beast to be an alien they tried to kill him. Cyclops destroyed several of their tanks and a helicopter. Beast and Cylops going along with it claimed to be aliens and warned the Koreans. Story 5-Agent Baker was revealed to be a Skrull sleeper agent by the Skrulls. Story 6-The original X-Men fought and destroyed an alien Frankenstein monster.

Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #1 of 2: Story 1-In an alternate reality Subject-X and the Sentinels killed the Astonishing X-Men and took over Earth. Story 2-In a different alternate reality without technology Subject-X was killed by the Astonishing X-Men creating fear of mutants. Emma Frost pondered quiting the X-Men and marrying Scott Summers. Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #2 of 2: Story 1-Set in an alternate reality where the X-Men stopped Subject-X and the rest of the triploid mutants. All of the X-Men accept for Cyclops were killed. Cyclops blaimed himself for their deaths and killed himself. Story 2-In a different reality the triploids took over the Earth. Beast and Wolverine were injured during the battle. The two with Hisako reached a city where several people were slain by the triploids. A distraught Hisako killed Beast and Wolverine.

X-Men: Pixies and Demons One Shot: Pixie returned to Wales. She encountered the Negari demons thanks to the souldsword. After defeating one of them the rest trapped Pixie. Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Nightcrawler and Wolverine rescued her. Pixie stopped the Negari's demon leader from returning to Earth.

X-Men and Spider-Man #3 of 4: Archangel, Cyclops, Iceman, Storm and Wolverine teamed up with the Scarlet Spider-Man to stop Mr. Sinister and Carnage. Mr. Sinister after acquiring a sample of the Carnage symbiote left Carnage behind. The Scarlet Spider-Man and X-Men apprehended Carnage. X-Men and Spider-Man #4 of 4: Spider-Man, Colossus, Cyclops, Kitty, Nightcrawler and Wolverine battled a clone of Kraven with the mutant abilities of the original X-Men. The clone acquired samples of Colossus, Kitty, Nightcrawler and Wolverine's DNA. Later Kraven's clone turned on Mr. Sinister.

Weapon-X: First Class #2 of 3: Story 1-Wolverine relived his memory of how the professor, Cornelius and Hines bonded adamantium to his body. Later Carol Hines snuck Wolverine food in his cell. Story 2-Deadpool explained his origin in the Weapon-X program. Plus the alumni Wolverine, Sabretooth, Maverick, Wraith I, Silver Fox, Mastodon, Garrison Kane and himself. Weapon-X: First Class #3 of 3: Story 1-Wolverine learned of how he escaped from the Weapon-X program but slaughtering several guards. He had Xavier erase his memories. Story 2-A young Gambit was hired to break in to the Weapon-X facility. He did so well Wolverine was escaping. Gambit retrieved the item he was hired to aquire and destroyed it. Gambit's employer turned out to be Mr. Sinister.

Wolverine: Chop Shop One Shot: Wolverine was sucker punched by a mob who stole several of his organs. Wolverine paid them back killing all of them except for a woman who lured them in to their trap.

Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #3 of 4: Wolverine recruited two of Iron Fist's disciples to help him battle the Black Dragon. Chinatown police prepared to go after the Black Dragon. Wolverine confronted Lin and her henchmen. Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #4 of 4: Fifty years ago in Chinatown Logan killed the Black Dragon. Lin then took his place. Present Logan and the people of Chinatown battled the Black Dragon tong and won. Logan became the new Black Dragon. Lin escaped from the police.

X-Men: Original Sin One Shot: Story 1-Wolverine sought out Xavier to get help for Daken. Story 2-Well Wolverine conversed with Xavier, Daken met with Ms. Sinister. Story 3-Iceman lashed out at Colossus, Banshee, Nightcrawler and Thunderbird. Colossus, Banshee and Nightcrawler became friends. Angel and Wolverine feuded. Havok and Polaris grew closer together. Jean decided to leave and said goodbye to Scott and Xavier.

X-Men: Worlds Apart #3 of 4: Storm defeated the Black Panther who was controlled by the Shadow King. Nezhno and Storm traveled to San Francisco to stop Cyclops from killing the X-Men. Cyclops attacked Emma Frost. X-Men: Worlds Apart #4 of 4: Storm traveled to San Francisco and battled the X-Men controlled by the Shadow King. Storm with the aid of the panther god defeated the Shadow King.

X-Men: Manifest Destiny #4 of 5: Story 1-Iceman continued his fight with Mystique. Story 2-Laura helped Cessily realize she is still a hero. Story 3-Nightcrawler used the Danger Room to say goodbye to Kitty. X-Men: Manifest Destiny #5 of 5: Story 1-Iceman battled Mystique atop a bridge and stopped her from blowing up several people. Story 2-Beast, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Wolverine confronted Avalanche. They spared Avalanche's life because of the decline in mutants. Story 3-After New Excalibur disbanded Dazzler left England for S.F. U.S. Well on a flight she encountered a rowdy passenger she stopped the passenger with her powers.

Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four Anuual #1: Captain America traveled from the future to the past with Wolverine, Rogue, Shadowcat and Franklin Richards to kill Mr. Fantastic. Before they could Sentinel Wolverine killed all of them except Kitty and Franklin Richards. Future Captain America turned out to be Scott Summers. Sentinel Wolverines took Mr. Fantastic to the future where he met Invisible Woman, Namor, Firestar and Thing. Ultimate Fantastic Four and Ultimate X-Men #1: Wolverine, Rogue, Firestar, Iceman and future Kitty Pryde teamed up with future Thing, future Firestar and future Mr. Fantastic to stop future Invisible Woman and future Namor. Well Franklin Richards betrayed the X-Men and Fantastic Four to future Invisible Woman. Mr. Fantastic used a device to steal future Invisible Woman and Franklin Richards powers. Elsewhere Wolverine the heroes imprisoned in the Negative Zone.

Big Hero Six Vol.2 #4 of 5: Story 1-Big Hero Six defeated the villain and returned Dr. Iosama, Ms. Wamu and Honey Lemon to normal. They traveled through a tunnel at the facility where they found several aliens. Story 2-The Ebon Samurai stopped Sunpyre II from aiding Deadline and defeated the villain. The Ebon Samurai and Sunpyre II reconciled and traveled to the Microverse to save Lumina's world. Big Hero Six Vol.2 #5 of 5: Well Furi and Baymax were in police custody GoGo and Fred distracted several police officers. Hiro, Honey Lemon and Wasabi snuck back to Plum Island to help the aliens get home. Bag Gal escaped and attacked the team. Honey Lemon stopped her. The aliens returned to their planet and Big Hero Six returned to Japan.

House of M: Civl War Vol.2 #4 of 5: Nuke, the Mimic and Bucky slaughtered several mutants until Wanda killed Nuke and Magneto killed the Mimic and Bucky. Xavier died from the wound Bucky gave him. Magneto, Polaris, Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, Toad, Unus the Untouchable, the Blob, Sabretooth, Dragoness, Iceman and Banshee attacked the White House. Trask sicked the Sentinels on them and escaped. Trask then launched nukes at Genosha. House of M: Civil War Vol.2 #5 of 5: Magneto and his followers killed Bolivar Trask defeated the Sentinels and took control of the United States.

Deadpool Vol.4 #8: Deadpool broke in to the Thunderbolts' building. Instead of finding Norman Osborn, Deadpool encountered the latest Thunderbolts team. Deadpool Vol.4 #9: Deadpool and Taskmaster attempted to steal money from Osborn only the Thunderbolts captured Taskmaster disguised as Deadpool.

X-Men: Return of Magik One Shot: Story 1-Colossus mourned over losing Ilyana. Story 2-Belasco reclaimed Limbo from Daytripper. Story 3-Ilyana returned as Darkchilde and planned to claim souls so she could return to the realm of the living.

X-Men: Origins Beast One Shot: The Conquistador kidnapped Hank McCoy's parents and forced him to steal an object from his fathers lab. Hank tricked the Conquistador and his men defeating them and rescuing his parents.

X-Men: Magneto Testament #4 of 5: Max wrote down the story of how he survived in a concentration camp in Poland. Max's former teacher perished in the camp. X-Men: Magneto Testament #5 of 5: Max and Magda escaped from the concentration camp. Max left behind a message for other survivors to find.

King Size: Cable One Shot: Bishop followed Cable further in to the future. Irene Merryweather's great great-grandson tricked Bishop in to rescuing the mutant baby and Cable. Cable and the baby escaped jumping further in to the future.

Wolverine: Saudade One Shot: Well vacationing in Brazil Wolverine rescued a young mutant from a mutant healer who had the youths friends killed. Wolverine killed the healer and took the youth with him to Westchester.

X-Men: Secret Invasion #3 of 4: Anole discovered that the Skrulls were imprisoning people in skyscrappers. The X-Men learned that the Skrulls were going to kill several humans. Beast found a way to turn the Legacy Virus on the Skrulls. X-Men: Secret Invasion #4 of 4: The X-Men, X-Force, Young X-Men and students surrendered to the Skrulls to save the hostages. They unleashed a Legacy Virus which targets Skrulls. The Skrull commander set the Skrulls ships to self destruct the X-Men, X-Force, Young X-Men and students escaped.

X-Men: Origins Jean Grey One Shot: Told the origin of Jean Grey the death of her friend Annie. How Xavier helped her cope with it and gave John and Elaine Grey back their daughter and Sarah back her sister. Later Jean enrolled at Xavier's becoming the final X-Man.

X-Factor: Layla Miller One Shot: In Bishop's future Layla Miller encountered the people who would create the Summers Rebellion that led to the defeat of the Sentinels and the formation of the X.S.E.

NYX: No Way Home Vol.2 #5 of 6: Kiden, Bobby his brother and Tatiana fell into a trap set by Kiden's father. Kiden's father revealed that he did it to save Kiden's life. NYX: No Way Home Vol.2 #6 of 6: Kiden's father helped Kiden, Tatiana, little Bro, Bobby and Ms. Palmer escape from their abductors. The group dropped Ms. Palmer off at a hospital an left her behind for her own safety.

Wolverine: Killing Made Simple One Shot: Story 1-Wolverine rescued Trance from Orphan Maker and Nanny wounding Orphan Maker in the process. Story 2-Wolverine was sent to a government research facility in Antartica. He killed a scientist infected with a virus that turned humans into violent beasts.

X-Men: Odd Men Out One Shot: Story 1-The 90's X-Men met up with Fred Duncan the former F.B.I. agent Xavier encountered before he formed the X-Men. Story 2-Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Boom-Boom, Rictor, Rusty and Skids fought a contruct created by the Thinker.

X-Force: Ain't No Dog One Shot: Story 1-Wolverine retrieved a microchip that enabled the Purifiers to fool Cerebro in to thinking it had located a new mutant. Story 2-James Proudstar attempted to cope with the fact that he had killed several Purifiers.

Wolverine: Dangerous Games One Shot: Story 1-Wolverine stopped a group of English mercenaries. Story 2-After a group of Thai monks were killed Wolverine killed their assailants. He tracked down and killed their leader a woman he met earlier.

Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1: Iron Man, The Sentry, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Pixie, Gentle, Cannonball, Iceman, Warpath, Dust II, Storm, Nightcrawler, Angel I, The Thing, The Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman attempted to stop the bullet and failed. Aghanne attempted to force Colossus to destroy Breakworld. Ord tried to stop her and was slain. Colossus killed Aghanne and saved Breakworld. Colossus, Wolverine and Agent Brand dethroned Kruun. Colossus became the new ruler of Breakworld. Kitty Pryde sacrificed herself to keep the bullet from destroying Earth. The Astonishing X-Men disbanded. Cyclops needed his visor again. Beast accepted an invitation from Brand to join S.W.O.R.D. Colossus said farewell to Kitty.

GeNext #4 of 5: Oli, Becka, Ricco and Pavel located No-Name who was with the Shockwave Riders. The two teams fought. The Dark X-Men defeated the Shockwave Riders and took Oli, Becka, Ricco, Pavel and No-Name to Genosha. GeNext #5 of 5: Becka, Ricco, Pavel, Oli and No-Name defeated the Shadow X-Men in Genosha. Oli telepathically communicated with Cyclops' daughter Megan Summers.

X-Men: Colossus Origins One Shot: Vazhin and Xavier saved Piotr from the Russian government. Piotr accepted Xavier's offer to join the X-Men. Piotr met the new X-Men Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Sunfire, Banshee and Thunderbird I.

Wolverine: The Amazing Immortal Man and Other Bloody Tales: A series of bloody stories about Wolverine.

Captain Britain and MI13 #11: MI13 survived Dracula's attack. They prepared to hunt down the vampires. Spitfire was brainwashed by Dracula. Captain Britain and MI13 #12: Spitfire was forced to kill someone by her son. Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, the Black Knight, Faiza and Blade located the skull of Blade's old friend Quincy. The skull kept the vampires from invading Britain. Dracula destroyed the skull and took MI13 prisoner.

X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead One Shot: Pietro was picked up by the police for being a vagrant. He imagined that he encountered Wanda, Magneto, Crystal, Luna and Layla Miller. Witnessing a woman about to be murdered Pietro found his powers still active and used them to save her. Rescuing her Pietro found his redemption.

Young X-Men #11: In the future Jean Grey killed Wolverine. Present Dust helped Pierce escape. Well Beast, Cyclops, Wolverine, Sunspot, and the Young X-Men fought Pierce, Dust died. Young X-Men #12: The Young X-Men mourned the death of Dust II. Ink used his powers to save Dust II. The Young X-Men went off to battle the Neo.

X-Men: Divided We Stand #1 of 2: Story 1-Sam and Paige Guthrie met up in their home town. The Cabots confronted them and Sam beat them up. Sam left Paige to find his own direction after the X-Men were disbanded. Story 2-Nezhno returned with Storm to Wakanda. Nezhno was rejected by the Wakandans and his own mother even though T'challa and Storm accepted him. Story 3-Northstar checked up on Anole who lashed out at Northstar and accused the X-Men of using the students. Story 4-Hellion lost Sofia who left the school after being depowered his friend Tag died and his mentor Emma abandoned him. He met Eric Lensherr who revealed to him that Cyclops had given Hellion and the other students a chance to live and the opportunity to chose their own path in life. Story 5-Nightcrawler attacked Scalphunter with the intent of killing him but instead decided to spare him. X-Men: Divided We Stand #2 of 2: Story 1-Beast closed the Xavier institute and destroyed all the documents to keep others from getting a hold of them. Story 2-Ilyana Rasputin aka Darkchilde decided to collect the souls of those who wronged her to restore herself to life. Story 3-Vulcan taunted Havok telling him of Cable's betrayal and Bishop's and of the death of Xavier. Havok learning of the mutant baby regained hope and plotted Vulcan's death. Story 4-Forge recapped his injuries at Bishop's hands. He returned to Eagle Plaza to fortify its security and continue his work. Story 5-Nori visited Dani and told her of the New X-Men's battles and sacrifices plus of the X-Men disbanding. Dani attempted to cheer Nori up. Nori became disillusioned with Xavier's vision and left.

Wolverine: First Class #12: Cyclops returned to the X-Men and briefly took over as Kitty's instructor. The two battled a giant octopus like demon. Later Kitty decided to remain Wolverine's student. Wolverine: First Class #13: Logan was hired to protect a friend of Mariko's. Daredevil battled the Hand to protect Kitty. Mariko's friend and Logan encountered a brainwashed Elektra.

Logan Vol.2 #2 of 3: Lt. Warren incapacitated Logan and killed Atsuko. Logan and Warren fought until the city was destroyed by an atomic bomb. Logan Vol.2 #3 of 3: Wolverine restored Lt. Warren's body and then killed him for slaying Atsuko.

Cable Vol.3 #12: Cable and Hope traveled to Westchester where they found more gear. Cable took Hope further into the future. The two found a new civilization. Cable Vol.3 #13: Bishop and Stryfe hunted Cable and Hope. Well Cable, Hope, Deadpool and X-Force were ambushed by Stryfe's men.

X-Force Vol.3 #12: Bastion made Graydon Creed and the Leper Queen kill several of Creed's followers. The Leper Queen killed Beautiful Dreamer. Bastion's followers used Fever Pitch to kill several people. Wolfsbane met with her ex-boyfriend. X-Force Vol.3 #13: The Leper Queen abducted Hellion, Surge II and Boom-Boom. The Sapien League removed Hellion and Surge II from the wharehouse. X-Force attempted to rescue Tabitha Smith. Cyclops teleported them to the future to aid Cable. The Leper Queen killed Tabitha Smith. R.I.P. Tabitha Smith.

New Warriors Vol.4 #19: Future Night Thrasher Tony Stark helped the New Warriors reach the time machine. Night Thrasher II betrayed the team to the future Iron Man, Night Thrasher I. New Warriors Vol.4 #20:Final issue. Night Thrasher II rescued the New Warriors from his brother after Night Thrasher I killed Tony Stark. The two brothers fought after Night Thrasher I wounded Sykes Night Thrasher II killed his brother. The New Warriors rescued the heroes imprisoned and returned to their own time. After the deaths of Tattoo, Skybolt and Ripcord the team disbanded.

The Loners #2 of 6: Richochet II wanted to tell the others about what Mattie, Chris and him did only they convinced him not to. Richochet told the others how he felt he was responsible for Hornet's death. He broke back in to the lab and battled Richochet I's former partner. During their fight Richochet destroyed a containment tube and released (Penance I) Hollow. The Loners #3 of 6: Richochet II met up with Phil Urich, Turbo I, Darkhawk and Mattie at a hospital. Phil Urich confronted Johnny. A flashback revealed that Johnny unintentionally got Julie Power injured by Hollow. Fujikawa's president showed up to claim Hollow. Mickey struck a deal with Fujikawa. Later the team confronted their inner demons. The Loners #5 of 6: Mickey confronted Chris over his inability to let go of his Darkhawk costume. Hollow heard Phil Urich snap. Phil and Hollow visited Mickey and Chris. Phil Urich attacked Chris and stole the Darkhawk amulet. The Loners #6 of 6: The Loners defeated Phil Urich. Phil revealed that Turbo I cut a deal with Fujikawa giving the Loners Namie in exchange for Hollow. Hollow trusting Phil left with him. Mattie upset over the teams apparent hypocrisy quit as well. Richochet II, Julie Power, Turbo I, Darkhawk and Namie remained on the team.

New Exiles Vol.2 #17: Story 1-Psylocke, Sabretooth, Rogue, Mystiq and Morph stopped Lilandra and her commandos. Cat died stopping Empress Hydra. Story 2-A dying Sage merged with Diana Fox creating a new being the two defeated Roma's various personalities and Merlyn before disappearing. New Exiles Vol.2 #18: Final issue. The New Exiles ended the threat of Lilandra and empress Hydra. Rogue remained behind with Colyn. Gambit returned to his own reality after his father was killed he took his father's place and defeated the new Black Panther. Valeria Richards joined the New Exiles. Sabretooth (AOA), Morph (alternate reality version of him not AOA), Sage, Psylocke, Mystiq and Valeria Richards prepared for a new day.

Wolverine Annual #1: A man who fell on hard times crossed paths with Wolverine who killed him for killing a police officer. Wolverine Annual #2: Wolverine visited a small town in New Mexico where he encountered a young Navajo mutant boy who ages slowly like Wolverine, Deadpool, Maverick, Daken, X-23 and Mystique. The boy was from the 1800's he slaughtered several people in the town to avenge his people who were killed by white settlers. Wolverine was forced to kill the boy in order to save the remaining towns people.

X-Men: Mesiah Complex #1 of 1: The X-Men traveled to a location where the Purifiers battled Sinister's Marauders looking for a new mutant baby.

X-Men: Die By The Sword #1 of 5: New Excalibur met up with the Exiles. Brian was wounded by a new villain Rouge Mort. X-Men: Die By The Sword #2 of 5: New Excalibur and the Exiles took Brian to the Crystal Palace for treatment. Jaspers and his Furies attacked the Starlight Citadel. X-Men: Die By The Sword #3 of 5: Jaspers turned the tide turning several Corps members into Furies. Saturnyne, New Excalibur and the Exiles turned it back forcing Jaspers to go on the defensive. Rouge Mort attacked Roma and Dazzler arrived to stop her. X-Men: Die By The Sword #4 of 5: Pete Wisdom, Psylocke, and Sage convinced Albion to help them stop Jaspers. The Fury took over Jaspers and decimated the Captain Corps. Blink, Morph, Sabretooth and Thunderbird I looked on as Captain Britain returned. Dazzler defeated Rouge Mort but not before Rouge wounded Roma. Longshot arrived to help. Merlyn ambushed them knocking out Dazzler and Longshot. X-Men: Die By The Sword #5 of 5: Roma was killed by Rouge Mort an alternate reality version of Rogue. The Exiles and New Excalibur teams defeated the Fury, Jaspers and Merlyn. Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, Longshot and Dazzler returned to Earth 616. AOA Blink, AOA Sabretooth, (alternate reality) Morph, Thunderbird I, Nocturne, Sage, (alternate reality) Rouge Mort, (alternate reality) Shadowcat and Mystiq went to the Crystal Palace.

X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #2 of 5: An alien race called the M'kraan destroyed a Sh'iar world. Vulcan, Deathbird and the Imperial Guard ambushed Havok, Marvel Girl II, Polaris, Ch'od, Raza and Korvus. X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #4 of 5: The Starjammers, Polaris, Marvel Girl II, Lilandra, Araki, Lilandra's uncle and the Imperial Guard battled the M'kraan. Havok, Vulcan and Gladiator defeated the eldest of the M'kraan. Vulcan slayed the eldest and his soldiers present and hurled Havok in to the M'kraan crystal. Oracle and her group attacked the Starjammer. X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #5 of 5: Rachel Summers, Korvus and Lilandra fled after Vulcan destroyed the Sc'yar Tal homeworld. Havok having absorbed energy from a star used it to burn half of Vulcan's face. The Imperial Guard captured Ch'od, Raza, Polaris and Havok. Lilandra's uncle sided with Vulcan after witnessing him destroy the Sc'yar Tal.

Wolverine Origins Annual #1: Wolverine went to Madripoor in search of a secret of Seraph's. Only to discover that Romulus had beat him to it.

X-Men: Endangered Species #1 of 1: After another mutant died the X-Men contemplated calling it quits. Well Hank resolved to find a cure to the problem.

X-Men: First Class Vol.2 #15: The original X-Men minus Angel encountered Medusa. The Wizard showed up to reclaim her. Xavier and Cyclops freed her from his mind control. Angel rejoined the team. X-Men: First Class Vol.2 #16: Upset at their team mates Iceman and the Human Torch joined up and bumped in to Spider-Man. The two defeated the Beetle and Scorpion. Elsewhere Peter Parker enjoyed a party with Gwen Stacy. Bobby and Johnny split up their team after Bobby caught Johnny with Zelda. X-Men: First Class Special 1 of #1: Story 1-Hank and Bobby investigated a ghost sighting at a museum and instead found a gargoyle like mutant. Story 2-Bernard the Poet turned out to be a mutant. Story 3-Scott told Kitty and Lockheed of how Jean used to have Dragon Man as a pet. The Key-Magneto used his powers to nab a key in a store to unlock a restroom. The Menance of the Blob-A cop stopped Blob's rampage by making him think he tore his shorts. The Mental Might of Marvel Girl-Marvel Girl rescued ducklings from careless humans.

X-Men Annual #1: Exodus, Frenzy, Tempo and Random attacked the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellacarrier with Rogue's team aboard. Debrainwashed Northstar and Aurora helped Rogue's team stop the New Acolytes.

What If? Featuring X-Men Age of Apocalypse #1 of 1: Cable joined an alternate version of the Defenders in a reality where Legion had killed Xavier and Magneto. The Defenders succeeded in stopping Apocalypse. But Cable in an attempt to set things right through time travel created a catastrophe.

What If? Featuring X-Men Deadly Genesis #1 of 1: The original X-Men died and Vulcan, Darwin, Sway and Petra became the X-Men. They learned that Vulcan killed the original X-Men and banished him to Krakoa.

Exiles Annual #1: The current Exiles went to a reality where the Timebroker who formed them was revealed to be the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster formed a new team of Exiles comprised of the alternate realities version of the original Exiles. The two Exiles teams learned who he really was and teamed up to stop him.

X-23: Target X #5 of 6: X-23 told Captain America and Daredevil of how she rescued Megan and Debbie from Kimura. X-23: Target-X 6 of #6: X-23 told of her first encounter with Wolverine. Cap decided to let X-23 join Wolverine after Matt convinced him to let her go.

X-Men: First Class #6 of 8: Skrulls posing as the X-Men attempted to discredit them. After the original X-Men rescued them from aliens the Skrulls brought with them the Skrulls returned the favor by rescuing the X-Men. X-Men: First Class #7 of 8: Warren and Pietro clashed when Pietro learned that Warren was dating his sister. X-Men: First Class #8 of 8: The original X-Men traveled to the Congo where they encountered a gorilla with a man's mind inside. The group rescued prof. X from a cursed temple.

X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #5 of 5: The X-Men and Celeste stopped Sublime's machine and the Phoenix. Phoebe activated an explosive. Emma convinced Celeste to let the Phoenix take over to save her thousands of daughters. Instead the Phoenix killed them. Celeste, Phoebe and Mindee split the Phoenix amongst themselves trapping it.

Civil War: X-Men #4: Johnny D killed Lazer. The X-Men and O.N.E. rescued the 198. Warren saved Micromax's life.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #1: The Uncanny X-Men went to Turkana to aid Storm. In the process they helped her remove her dictator uncle from power. Storm located her grandmother and found the answer to the question she was asking herself. Uncanny X-Men Annual #2: The past Shaw attempted to get Namor to join the Hellfire Club. Namor refused and Shaw attacked Atlantis. Present Emma Frost pretended to kill Shaw to acquire Namor as an ally.

Civil War Frontline #11: Ben Urich and Sally Floyd criticized Captain America's decision and revealed to Iron Man that they knew the traitor was him.

Wolverine Origins #33: Wolverine learned from Nick Fury that he is related to James Hudson aka Guardian II who was killed by Xorn I. Nick Fury also revealed that Daken wants the blade so he can kill Wolverine. Cannonball, Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Armor traveled to the Dark Avengers base to confront Daken who is disguised as Wolverine. Wolverine Origins #34: Daken ambushed Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Cannonball and Armor. Colossus sunk in a pit. Armor was knocked out. Cannonball was shocked unconscious. Nightcrawler was wounded by Daken. Cyclops knocked out Wolverine and Daken. He attempted to take Daken. Daken woke up and wounded Cyclops. Wolverine lunged at Daken as Daken prepared to kill Cyclops.

Marvel Zombies #4 of 5: In an alternate reality the Marvel heroes and most of the villains have been turned into zombies. Black Panther hitched a ride to the new Asteroid M with Fabian Cortez. Where he encountered Forge. Well Giant Man I's zombies attacked Galactus.

Storm #6 of 6: Teacher's daughter freed Ororo to kill her. Later the poacher and his brother fought over Ororo. The poacher died well his brother was crippled. Ororo and T'challa continued their journey.

X-Men: Apocalypse Vs. Dracula #4 of 4: Apocalypse's Dark Riders helped him reach Dracula. Slade's brother killed Slade saving Jack in the process. Van Helsing distracted Dracula enabling Apocalypse to kill him. Clan Akabba was continued through Ozymandias and Slade's brother.

Nextwave #12: Nextwave discovered that Agent None was really a baby M.O.D.O.K. Baby M.O.D.O.K. was killed by Devil Dinosaur who revealed that he had killed Moon-Boy from the defunct Fallen Angels. Former Fallen Angels team mate Tabitha Smith helped Nextwave kill Devil Dinosaur. Final issue.

Mythos X-Men #1 of 1: An alternate take on Xavier's X-Men's first encounter with Magneto.

Sentinel Squad O.N.E. #5 of 5: The Professor upon their return quit the Sentinel team. Well Skylark replaced him. Lazer gave Brigg's command of the team. Later they rescued mutants from out dated Sentinels. Lex helped Meld fake his death so he could start over. M-Day made Lex a regular human. Val gave Lex back command of the squad and sent them to the Xavier Institute.

X-Men: 198 #5 of 5: Johnny D made a deal with Lazer and seemingly killed Mr. M. Lorelei and Leech watched over Mr. M's coffin only to find his body missing the two were convinced Mr. M experienced a secondary evolution.

Marvel Knights X-Statix: Deadgirl #5 of 5: Dr. Strange returned to the Land of the Living and imprisoned the Ancient One. U-Go Girl teleported Mysterio and Kraven to a lower level of hell. Piano Player returned to the Land of the Living. The Pitiful One was demoted to a lower level of hell. U-Go Girl and Orphan parted ways so did Dr. Strange and Dead Girl.

X-Men: The End Book Three Men and X-Men #6 of 6: The Starjammers and most of the X-Men who went to the Sh'iar world perished defeating Cassandra Nova. Twenty years later the remaining X-Men disbanded and Kitty Pryde became president of the U.S.

X-Factor Vol.3 #41: Layla Miller pulled Jamie into the future. Jamie's dupe bested Jamie's would be killer. Darwin, Guido and M stopped the Karma project from stealing weapons. Longshot agreed to protect a woman named Lenore. Layla Miller and Jamie were rescued from a Sentinel by Cyclops' daughter the leader of the Summers rebellion Ruby Summers. X-Factor Vol.3 #42: Guido and Julio Esteban decided to check up on Jamie's dupe. Theresa and Monet met with Val Cooper. Jamie and Layla hooked up with the Summers rebellion.

Son of M #6 of 6: Unus' powers backfired and killed him. The Inhumans ended their battle with the Genoshans. O.N.E. confiscated the crystals creating a cold war between the U.S. and Inhumans. Pietro returned Luna to Crystal. Additional exposure to the crystals enabled Pietro himself to return depowered mutants abilities to them.

House of M the Day After #1 of 1: Blob, Jubilee, Thornn and Feral all lost their mutant abilities. Storm had her X-Men go to Africa to help out there. Multiple Man refused to join the X-Men a second time instead opting to remain in Mutant town to help out with the crisis there. Plus a terrorist group called the Sapien league attacked the institute and were stopped by Colossus and Wolverine. Well Sentinels landed on the X-Men's front lawn.

Generation-M #5 of 5: Sally interviewed Moonstar. Later she met up with Warren. Sally's story about her daughter being a mutant led to the Ghoul attacking her. Warren revealed that his depowered state was a ruse. Warren rescued Sally from the Ghoul. The X-Men arrived and Cyclops blasted the tower the Ghoul was in seemingly killing him.

X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6 of 6: Xavier revealed how Petra and Sway died. Rachel discovered that Darwin was trapped inside Vulcan and freed him. The X-Men defeated Kid Vulcan who fled. They later held a funeral for Banshee, Petra and Sway. R.I.P. Banshee, Petra and Sway.

New X-Men Vol.2 #41: Ilyana Rasputin and Pixie stopped Belasco. Ilyana then claimed Limbo as her own. She then sent Anole, Pixie, Trance, the Cuckoos, Prodigy, Elixir, Surge II, Amanda Sefton, Rockslide, X-23, Dust and Mercury II back to Xavier's. Endangered Species 8-Beast and Dark Beast went to Almagordo where Sinister and Cain's father had conducted experiments on infant mutants. New X-Men Vol.2 #43: Beast gave the New X-Men the New Mutants old uniforms. The students became convinced that Indra is going to die. Predator X escaped from the Purifiers. New X-Men Vol.2 #44: The New X-Men lashed out at the Purifiers for killing their friends. Julian encountered Wallflower's killer. Lady Deathstrike impaled Julian. New X-Men Vol.2 #45: Wolverine and X-Force reached Cable and the baby. Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers attacked. X-23 wounded Lady Deathstrike. Caliban died saving Warpath. Cable escaped with the baby. Well Nightcrawler, Elixir and Hellion lay wounded in the infirmary at the institute. New X-Men Vol.2 #46: Mystique seemingly killed Mr. Sinister. Wolverine killed Lady Mastermind. X-23 slagged Scrambler. Predator-X chomped Vertigo. Bishop and Wolverine led X-Factor and X-Force's attack on the Marauders at Muir Island. The New X-Men battled Predator-X. Pixie teleported it to X-23 on Muir Island. Mystique and Gambit attempted to save Rogue. The two betrayed Sinister and handed the baby over to Xavier and Cable. As Xavier and Cable left Bishop and Predator-X attacked.

New Excalibur Vol.4 #23: Iceman, Angel and Jean Grey teamed up with New Excalibur to stop Albion. One of Albion's men killed Angel. Captain Britain rescued Jean from Albion and discovered that Albion is an alternate reality version of himself. New Excalibur Vol.4 #24: Iceman and Jean Grey died stopping Albion. Lionheart was reunited with her children. The U.S. government decided to take in Sage. Juggernaut quit the team. Final issue becomes X-Men: Die By the Sword.

Sentinel Vol.2 #5 of 5: Well the Prototype Sentinel was distracted Juston's Sentinel destroyed it. Juston blackmailed the general and senator in to leaving him and the Sentinel alone. Later he learned from his father that everything his aunt told him about his mom was true. Juston returned home to his friends and family.

New X-Men: Academy-X Yearbook Special #1 of 1: The New Mutants resolved their differences at the request of their mentor Dani. Well Dani's team mates X'ian and Amara convinced her to contact Rhane.

Giant Size X-Men Vol.4 #4: Covers the time Thunderbird I was on the X-Men, his death and the impact it had on his team mates and brother James Proudstar.

X-Men: Colossus Bloodline #5 of 5: Piotr spared Mikhail's life and Mikhail left Piotr behind. Larisa's death shocked Mikhail who abandoned Sinister's plans and saved Piotr. The two easily defeated Mr. Sinister. Mikhail entered the Dead Zone. Well Piotr returned home.

Ultimate X-Men Annual #2: Kurt kidnapped Ali. The X-Men rescued her but decided to help Kurt. An enraged Ali quit the team.

Weapon-X Days of Future Now #5 of 5: The heroes stormed the Sentinels base and sent Wolverine to the past to stop himself from attacking Colcord. Sublime inside Fantomex took control of Wolverine and attacked Colcord. Wolverine's body expelled Sublime who then took control of John Sublime.

Mutopia-X #5 of 5: Chamarya died and Ortega almost killed himself until Bishop stopped him. Bishop took Ortega home and reflected on the recent development with mutants. Lara, Bugman and Ortega's wife all lost their powers.

House of M #8 of 8: The Avengers and X-Men dealed with the repercussions of Wanda's actions. The Avengers learned that Hawkeye might still be alive. Well Iceman, Windancer, Tag and Magneto lost their mutant abilities.

Giant Size X-Men Vol. 3 #3: Tells of the Giant Size X-Men's first sparring session. The original X-Men's battles with the Avengers, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man.

X-Men: Kitty Pryde Shadow and Flame #5 of 5: Kitty Pryde teamed up with the J.D.S.S. and Silver Samurai to defeat the Path of Destiny. Nao seemingly perished in a fire caused by the green dragon. In the end Lockheed decided not to stay in Japan with the green dragon and returned to the U.S. with Kitty.

Ororo: Before the Storm #4 of 4: Ororo, Hakiim, Nari and Gibar were defeated by Barnett. Ororo gave Barnett the opal to save her friends lives. The opal turned Barnett into stone.

New X-Men Academy-X: Hellions #4 of 4: The Hellions ended their contracts with the Kingmaker. And attempted to reclaim the briefcase. They lost the first time but managed to defeat the Kingmaker the second time and disable the bio-weapon.

X-Men: The End Book 2 Heroes and Martyrs #6: Wolverine's team killed Sinister's New Marauders but at the cost of Warpath and Shatterstar's lives. Well Dani Moonstar defeated Maddison Jeffries' wife Diamond Lil who had been spared by Sinister and given the powers of the original Marauders. Sinister disguised as Gambit killed Rogue and Dark Beast of Sinister's New Marauders who was really Mystique killed Sinister. Rachel saved Cable from Technarx's influence. Rachel, Cable and Gambit went to join the Starjammers. Well M was reverted to her Penance form.

Wolverine: Soultaker #5 of 5: Wolverine and Mana defeated Ryuki's demons only to learn that Ryuki had taken Yukio and Amiko hostage. Wolverine gave Ryuki the Blood sword. Mana and Wolverine then defeated Ryuki with Wolverine's claws which had been laced with gold. In the end Mana took Amiko on as her apprentice.

Age of Apocalypse #1 of 1: Story 1-Flashback covered Colossus and Shadowcat's departure from the AOA X-Men to lead GenerationNext. Story 2-Flashback Sabretooth quit following Holocaust and was jailed. He encountered Wild Child and together the two broke free. Story 3-Flashback Wolverine rescued Mariko Yoshida from Yakuza and the Silver Samurai. Story 4-Present something stoped the bombs from falling. Logan asked Magneto to bury Jean. Later Magneto encountered Mr. Sinister. Age of Apocalypse #6 of 6: The AOA X-Men defeated the Sinister Six. Magneto killed Sauron after Sauron killed Quicksilver. Gambit was killed by Cloak. Wolverine undid Sinister's brainwashing of Jean and Magneto killed Sinister.

X-Force: Shatterstar #4 of 4: Shatterstar and the alternate reality X-Force defeated Spiral well Cable killed the traitor Pierce. Cable then sent Shatterstar back to his own reality with the Five Fingers of Annihilation.

X-23 #6: X-23 slayed all the scientists and guards at the facility and blowed up Zander Rice. X-23 killed Sarah who had the trigger scent on her courtesy of Zander. She escaped well the people higher up in the program prepared to have a team track her down.

X-Men Phoenix Endsong #5 of 5: Jean saved Emma from the Phoenix and in turn was saved by the X-Men. The Sh'iar blew up themselves taking Jean with them. Quentin returned to his non physical state and was put back in his containment tube.

What If...Magneto and Professor X Had Formed the X-Men Together #1 of #1: Gaby helped Xavier persuade Eric to see his point of view. Present Piotr, Jean and Hank visited Xavier's and helped stop Larry Trask's Sentinels. In the end Trask was revealed as a member of the Hellfire Club. Havok, Cyclops and Sabretooth members of Sinister's Marauders. Well Xavier and Eric formed the X-Men.

Nightcrawler #12: As Nightcrawler celebrated his birthday Mephisto arrived to make Kurt a deal. If Kurt stood aside during the final battle Mephisto would spare his friends and return Stephan to life. Kurt rejected Mephisto's offer.

Sabretooth Vol. 3 #4: Sasquatch was wounded by Wendigo. Sabretooth fought Wendigo and killed it saving Hamilton and the boys. Well a U.S. Coast Guard vessel arrived to rescue Hamilton and the kids.

Marvel Knights Madrox #5: Jamie got Clay to confess the truth before narrowly escaping him. Later Jamie payed Ed and Sheila a visit. He pretended to kill Ed revealing the truth to him. Ed then killed Clay and Sheila. In the end Jamie returned to New York where he discovered that Guido and Rhane had changed the name of his business to X-Factor investigations.

Jubilee #6: Jubilee's aunt's former employers caught up with her. Brad was wounded but Hope's former boss let Logan, Shooter, Jubilee and Brad go. Hope blew herself and her former boss up. Jubilee returned to Xavier's. Later a jogger found a wounded aunt Hope.

Gambit Vol. 4 #12: Final issue. Gambit revealed to Belladonna that Bandit was using her. Together they defeated Bandit. Second up was Tanaka who threatened everyone with a nuclear bomb. Gambit walloped her with one of his cards which bounced off her and deactivated the bomb. Last Gambit and Belladonna were forced to join forces with Bandit to defeat the Thieves and Assassins who turned against all three of them. They easily beat the Guild. In the end Remy left Belladonna with Camille and turned Camille's child's attention towards Voodoo before skipping town.

X-Force Vol.2 #6: X-Force fought the Skornn. Dragoness, Fourarm and Caliban all seemingly died. Meltdown defeated the Helix well Cable gave his life stopping the Skornn.

X-Men: The End #6: The X-Men fought Warskulls disguised as Madelyn, Genesis and Stryfe. Although they killed two of them the one disguised as Madelyn killed Dust and disguised herself as Dust. Several students were killed including Carter Ghazikhanian. Havok, Annie, Wolfsbane, Juggernaut and Frenzy were all slain or killed when a Warskull detonated a bomb blowing up the institute. Karma, Shadowcat and Lockheed escaped with several students. Cyclops, Polaris and Northstar attempted to escape the blast their fate is unknown.

Rogue Vol.2 #12: Final issue. Rogue defeated the X-Men and fled with Blindspot. Later she regained her memories and left Blindspot her new costume. Rogue took her team mates to where Sunfire was only to find Sunfire missing.

Starjammers Vol.2 #6: The Starjammers encountered a being made of energy who helped them rescue the princess and expose the committee. Tolo remained on the Thorn homeworld to help rebuild. The Thorn's rescued their seeds and the Starjammers continued on their way.

Astonishing X-Men Vol.3 #27: The Astonishing X-Men brought in agent Brand to help them solve the Ghost Box mystery. They discovered it came from a secluded place in China called Tian. The team traveled there and found several dead mutants and a secret civilization. Astonishing X-Men Vol.3 #28: The Astonishing X-Men fought and defeated a group of triploids. They discovered that the mutant pursuing the triploids from an alternate dimension is Forge.

New X-Men: Academy-X #19: Brian Cruz rescued Doug Ramsey and Karma from Sean Garrison by making him afraid of himself. Sean Garrison committed suicide. Elsewhere Laurie pitted the Hellions against the New Mutants. Synch died saving Quill's life. Well Mercury ended the fight by killing Laurie. Sophie was killed by Donald Pierce who was seemingly slain by Moonstar. Well Sunfire's men killed Quill. Julian in turn slayed them. R.I.P. Sophie, Synch, Laurie and Quill.

Excalibur Vol.3 #14: Xavier and Dr. Strange shifted through Xavier's memories and Magneto's experiences to try to determine the best course of action in dealing with Wanda and Magneto. Final issue keep your eyes peeled for New Excalibur coming out in November.

X-Men Vol.2 #222: Well Danger created an illusion around everyone Rogue and an imaginary Mystique encountered Cody Robbins, Rogue's first boyfriend. Elsewhere the Sh'iar pirates, Gambit and Xavier found Danger. X-Men Vol.2 #223: Xavier ended Danger's hologram program. The Sh'iar space pirates turned on Xavier and Gambit knocking out Xavier and preparing to kill Gambit. Rogue returned to confront the Sh'iar space pirates.

Marvel Knights District-X #14: Final issue. Billy killed the rest of Sylvie's assailants and took Sylvie to an abandoned wharehouse. After Vazhin learned that one of the assailants was a member of Purity he ordered two of his men to kill Billy. Later they covered it all up and bribed Sylvie and her father into staying quiet about it.

Cable and Deadpool #49: Irene Merryweather hired Bob, Deadpool and Weasel to acquire a gadget from the Savage Land. They helped Kazar stop Brainchild, Piper, Lorelei and Barbarus. Deadpool teleported several dinosaurs to Manhatten by mistake. The dinosaurs let loose a symbiote the FF were transporting it then bonded to several dinosaurs. Cable and Deadpool #50: Final issue. The FF, Avengers, Spider-Man, Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel helped Irene Merryweather, Sandi Brandenburg, Outlaw, Agent-X, Bob agent of Hydra, Weasel and Deadpool stop alien symbiots from destroying Manhatten. One bonded to Deadpool who used Nate's psimitar to kill it.

X-Men Unlimited Vol. 2 #14: Story 1-Piotr reflected on a time when Ilyana was still alive. Present Piotr visited Ilyana's grave. Story 2-Piotr tapped in to his own inner pain in order to find something to paint. An artist friend of his failed to see what Piotr was doing.

Emma Frost #18: Emma learned that Astrid had murdered her own parents and was responsible for Max and Ian's actions. Emma fought Astrid and left her catatonic. Next she rescued Ian by causing Christie to have a nervous break down. After Ian learned that she is a mutant he rejected her.

Wolverine The End #6: Wolverine fought his final battle against his own brother to prevent him from blowing up Las Vegas and won after he accidently killed John Howlett.

NYX #7: Kiden, Palmer, Titania, X-23 and Felon squared off against Zebra Daddy's crew. X-23 killed Zebra Daddy and his men. Elsewhere Kiden's father possessed Felon's brother.

Mystique #24: Mystique went to rescue Shortpack and learned that Prudence's mind was traped inside Steinbeck's body. Mystique killed Steinbeck-Prudence. Well Shepard was revealed to be Prudence's brother. Shepard escaped from Fantomex. In the end Forge caught up with Mystique and let her go.

Ultimate X-Men #99: Stryker Jr.'s men attacked the Xavier institute killing several students, Syndicate and Juggernaut. Sabretooth abandoned the Weapon-X team leaving Wraith and Rogue alone to face Stryker's men. Rogue slayed Stryker's men. Ultimate X-Men #100: Final issue. A brainwashed Jamie Madrox killed Captain Britain, Emma Frost and her students. Jean and Storm saved the Morlocks from Multiple Man. Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman and Angel battled Jamie's duplicates. Wolverine, Kazar, Shanna and Zabu tracked down the real Jamie Madrox in the Savage Land. They killed Lorelei who was brainwashing Jamie. Wolverine was forced to kill a brainwashed Jamie to stop his duplicates.

Exiles #99: Thunderbird I, Psylocke and Shadowcat gathered up the wayward Exiles. Spider-Man 2099 chose to remain behind. Plus the team picked up an alternate reality version of Mystique, Mystiq and an alternate reality Rogue. Exiles #100 final issue: Blink, Thunderbird I and Nocturne quit the Exiles to focus on their own lives. Rogue, Shadowcat, Psylocke, Sabretooth, Morph, Sage and Mystiq became the new team. Exiles: Days Of Then And Now One Shot: World Without Heroes reality Hulk killed Annihilus and used his forces to invade Earth killing almost all of the heroes. Only Quentin Quire, Sophie, Esme, Mindee, Speedball, Patriot, Lightspeed and Wiccan remained.The Exiles sent Quentin to meet his future team designed to help him battle the Hulk. Quentin enlisted the aid of Power Fist, AOA Wildchild, Spitfire and Nighthawk III.

X-Statix #26: X-Statix went on their final mission to rescue rich people being held captive in their own mansion. The hostage takers slayed X-Statix off one by one. Even Doop perished.

Uncanny X-Men #507: Angel transformed into Archangel and defeated the Japanese scientist's creation. Colossus transformed back into Peter and bested the Russian mob boss. Cyclops met with the mayor of San Francisco and told her he was building a mutant army. The High Evolutionary returned Magneto's powers. Uncanny X-Men #508: Wolverine asked Aurora and Northstar to join the X-Men. Madelyne Pryor used an alternate reality version of Psylocke to restore Kwannon to life. Madelyne Pryor's Sisterhood of Mutants recruited Regan Wyngarde.

Wolverine Vol.3 #70: Logan told Clint how Mysterio made Logan in the past kill the X-Men convincing him they were several villains. Present the two arrived in Doom's domain. Wolverine Vol.3 #71: Logan and Clint made it to their drop location. They sold super soldier serum to a group of rebels. The rebels shot Logan. They revealed to Clint that they were really S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and killed him.

Weapon-X Vol. 2 #28: Scalphunter gave Sabretooth Sinister's location. Sabretooth used a thought projection device to defeat Sinister's Aryan army. Tomes took Sinister into custody and revealed himself as John Sublime and bought Sinister's services to aid him in his war against Weapon-X. In the end Sabretooth was offered a spot in Exodus' Brotherhood.

Titles to look for: Deadpool, Captain Britain and MI 13, Young X-Men, Wolverine: First Class, Wolverine Origins, Cable, X-Factor Vol. 3, Wolverine Vol. 3 and X-Force. There are six ongoing X-Men titles: Young X-Men features some of the former students, Astonishing X-Men, The Uncanny X-Men a group of X-Men seeking to find themselves, X-Men Vol.2 features Xavier, Ultimate X-Men an alternate take on the X-Men and X-Men: First Class featuring the original X-Men.

I am still adding onto my page whenever I can. I want to know who else you would like to see appear on my page you can e-mail me at x_wild@hotmail.com. Your opinions about my site are also welcome. Here is my own Harley Quinn Fan Page. Rogue's X-Men Swimsuit Pinup Page (Warning this page features pics of a sexual nature). This page is dedicated to a member of the Xavier Mutant Underground: The Renee Majcomb Page.

Appearing in his own title: Cable. Appearing in his own title: Deadpool. Captain Britain and MI 13: Captain Britain, the Black Knight III, Pete Wisdom, Faiza, Spitfire and Blade. Exiles (alternate reality versions of all): the Scarlet Witch, Beast, Polaris, Forge, the Black Panther and Blink. X-Force: Wolverine, Warpath, X-23, Wolfsbane, Archangel, Domino and The Vanisher. The New X-Factor: Multiple Man, Strong Guy, M, Siryn, depowered- Rictor, Darwin and Longshot. The Uncanny X-Men: Angel, Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Iceman, Nightcrawler and Wolverine.

The Astonishing X-Men: Cyclops, Beast, Emma Frost, Wolverine, Hisako aka Armor and Storm. X-Men: First Class: Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Marvel Girl I and Xavier. The X-Men: Xavier. (Wolverine: First Class) X-Men: Xavier, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Cyclops. Former member: Angel.

Here is a different site I have through another web site provider: Ronin's Gi Joe Page. Here's a list of some of my other pages: The Former X-Men Page, X-Men 2099, New X-Men Academy-X and Fan Art Page. (Warning for parents some pics on this page are sexual in nature no xxx pics are found on this page) and new: Cable's Askani'son and X.S.E. Page.

All Marvel characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright (c) 1941-2001 Marvel Characters, Inc. and used with permission. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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