Lie Wire

Is my project, my idea. I'm not really sure why I keep working on this, there are times where I won't touch it for months and then i start working on it again. Progress happens somehwere, but it's hard to say where or how much. I keep going over the same little things I've done before. And then I put it down. And then month's later I pick it up again and start over again. But It's still further than when I started last time. Those I talked to and got feedback from, their effects are still there, the suggestion or idea they gave still exsits, and so I talk to more, doing a global brainstorm. But will this ever get anywhere? Is it destined to just be a dream, never leaving the glass ball it's stuck in?


For this hideous layout! It was quick.. i thought the green was an off white yellow like color.. and then I see its green in the internet browser XD I thought of changing it, but then I remember it's just a place holder graphic, it isnt really important, this is no professional site, the important part is the text and the content. The mismatch themese don't matter. This is a stewing pot for it to take solidity. So it doesnt matter. It will bug me and then I will change it. But right now, I apologize to you and your eyes for having to see it.