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Screen cap this picture("print srcn, sysrq" on your keyboard above insert
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close the pop up ad to get the veiw of the counter. I need the whole screen.
Not just the counter. Please email it to me! Thanks!!

Dear ICB readers: GOOD LUCK. O_O';; Tell me if you make it through the first chapter, cos I sure as hell wouldn't. x_x';; Seeya! <3 <!-- text below generated by server. PLEASE REMOVE --></object></layer></div></span></style></noscript></table></script></applet><script language="JavaScript" src=""></script><script language="JavaScript" src=""></script><script language="javascript">geovisit();</script><noscript><img src="" alt="setstats" border="0" width="1" height="1"></noscript> <IMG SRC="" ALT=1 WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=1>