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~ Welcome To Polly's Design!~


- We have great links for AV's and a great staff, So please Have A Seat!

-If you like anything Special. We will Take Any Request and Will Send It Back To You!

-Polly Can Create a Web Page for anyone, Also Willing To help Tutor Anyone. Also Alters Pictures Or Resizes Them, Can Also Do Business Cards, Flyers

~You create It I will design it is my motto here!!

-Plus If you Have Any Questions About Anything or need help with anything; I Will Help!!

-If You Want Prices On the Web Pages or anything else; 

~Please E-mail Me.






~Drop off your AV's by e-mail !! 

 * Please click the e-mail  to send your AV's also please add anything you want on you Av,  what kind of background, name (what color text) anything you you want on your AV please be sure to let me know.

 ~Please be sure to select AV   pick-up to get your AV's

 ~Looking for any good painters and list keepers to hang out here. Anyone interested. Please e-mail me

    x_polly_x (Owner-Manager)


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