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Ok lets start out...this girl is wow..she is my everything she is my world. i live for this girl. if it wasnt for her, i dont know where i would be now...i mean when we first met i was just attracted to her through physical attraction then it kinda lead on from there..and its been good since then. i mean thats when we started talking more and realized we have alot in common. she means so much to me and i hope that u all respect that. As of December 29th, 2004. Im living with her in Marysville, CA and i will be very happy. This girls has had a rough life...and its very understandable. I care for her alot, and im glad that we can help eachother in every way possible. i dont think i will ever leave this girl...shes one that is hard to get and once u get her u never wanna let her go. I would like to thank her for everything that she has done for me. And i will hopefully be spending the rest of my life with sorry girls =P.  And Courtney if ur reading this I Love you *kiss*
Ok so lets start out, im 19 years old.... I was born in Birmingham Alabama on July 14th of 1985. When i was 3 years old i moved to Chinook, Montana.  Chinook is a very small town, which i dont like all that much haha. I lived there until i was in the 4th grade...then i went to school in Minnesota where my aunt lived atleast for the year. I came back in 5th grade and moved to Havre, MT in 1995. Well Havre is like 30 miles from Chinook, and its just as bad here just twice the size with like 10,000 people.  The winters here suck...well cuz with the windchill it was like -86 degrees below zero..which was cold, and i still had to go to was horrible. I stayed here my whole life..well till 9th grade i went back to Minnesota for a year. It was cool though. I came back to Havre, MT until i graduated high school in June of 2003. My sophomore year (2001) i started the HSA (Havre Skateboard Association) and well we finally got a skatepark here in 2004. It took 3 years but it eventually worked out, haha.  So ya when i graduated i was 17, decided it was best that i went to i headed to Tempe, AZ to go to college at Collins College for Digital Video Productions. I liked it but the school didnt really have it all together, so after 6 weeks, i i got some credits but thats it. I headed to Colorado with my friend Tym. After that i just ended up all over the place...i mean i headed back to Montana...then came back to Colorado..headed down to Arizona then back to Montana....decided to go down to Utah for a girl, bad idea, i was left homeless once again on the streets in Murray, UT outskirts of Salt Lake City...i mean i even slept in a cardboard bin. All becuz i trust people to much, especially girls...well i hitch hiked down to Arizona...then headed to California then to Oregon up to Seattle, WA then back home to Montana to live with my parents. Well things didnt go good at home so i decided i should live on my own, which worked for awhile. but i didnt like i headed down to Long Beach, CA i loved it there, but it was too once again i was back in Havre, MT its like a black hole i tell you...i mean i cant get out...and when i do....i get sucked back in. Well finally Courtney who lives in California, finally tells me she likes me, which was a relief..cuz i liked her too..just didnt think she liked me at all. So as of December 29th, 2004 i will be living there in Marysville, CA. Well now i think u should know a little about myself...ya im 19 years old,  once i turned 18 i became FREE i could do what i wanted to myself and when i waned too. Im very indvidualistic i guess u could say. I may not have lived a great lifestyle so far..but i learned something from it. Ive had a rough life...but i have a mohawk and i have about 15 tattoos that i did myself...i also currently have 8 piercings...2 10 gauge in my ear, a 12 and a 14 in my ears. i have a 14 gauge bridge, a 12 gauge lip. 12 guage in my tongue and a 14 guage in my eyebrow. i had 39 piercings, almost anything u can imagine...but took alot out.  I love piercings. As far as girls go....well i fall for girls easily yes...and it sucks. That has alot to do with my family though and what my mom went through. Im a very caring person i guess u could say if u get to know me...i mean i may not look like it, but i am. im just so used to having someone there. And i care to much and fall for girls to easily, which has resulted in alot of broken hearts for me. Theres one thing that can always cheer me up though and thats music. Music is my life goes by music...i mean lyrics express so much and i understand it alot.. Im more into the Screaming and loud music like The Used there my favorite. But i want to thank my parents for everything i love them if it wasnt for them id be nowhere. As far as me...well if u dont like me, its ok cuz im not here to impress you !!!!!!!!
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