Saturday (01 13 07)
I want to begin by saying thanks for taking a look at my website, or website example. The entries here are just some random ones I pasted from different past sites I've had. I also want to mention that, because this is just an example, I didn't include a lot in the information bar on the left. Hmm...maybe I should explain the layout a little bit! =D. The handsome man above (=P) is Takeshi Kaneshiro, and, because I happen to be going through a Takeshi-obsession phase, I decided to use some pictures I had of him.

You can find another example of my designing here: Xanga account.

Thanks again for the consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon! =P.

- Crystal
Wednesday (11 29 06)
There are a few things going on that I guess I wanna talk about.

I checked my status online, and I got accepted into OSU! xD! w00t, yeah. At least now I can go to bed knowing that, even if I screw myself over in Pre-Cal the rest of the year, I've already been accepted somewhere, so eff it! =P. Just kidding. It's exciting, though, but unfortunately, it's only step 1 in a two step process. Now, to finish it all off, I need to win the Morril Scholarship. If I don't, and I get accepted to CCAD, then I have no reason to go to OSU. My only incentive is a full-ride, to be blatantly honest. The art programs at liberal arts schools start out slow. The first year is a total waste; all you really do is take a drawing class. You'd think that if you were looking to major in art, you would already have a bit of knowledge when it comes to drawing. At an art college, you take that mandatory drawing class, but you take it along with a lot of other art classes the same year. You really only take one core-curriculum each...quarter? What? I dunno, something like that. Final word: Win Morril, or don't go.

My aunt has a way of making me see myself as a lard-arse. Before the soccer season started, I was getting kind of chubby. Once the season ended, I had lost about 6-8 pounds. That might not seem like a whole lot, but it's hard for me to lose weight. But if you put it into perspective, I almost lost 10 pounds. That's kind of a big deal, or at least I thought it was. I was excited to show off to my aunt and everything; HOWEVER...she just finished telling me that I'm "overweight". The first thought I had was, "...what are YOU smoking?? I worked my BEHIND off!! I may not be super-thin, but I most certainly am not overweight!!" She says that, considering my height (or lack there of), I should be 110 pounds, preferably less. Well. Great. I wouldn't feel so guilty about being angry right now if she hadn't payed half the cost of the laptop that I happen to be typing on right now.

Effing shat.

Fine. Whatever. I guess I should appreciate her destructive insensitivity in a way; she makes me want to work out. Even though it's 8 PM and already so dark that I probably couldn't see my own two feet if I walked around outside...I have this urge to go outside right now and jump rope for 15 hours, or until I die. Whichever comes first.

Alright!! I think I'm just gonna skip the Pre-Cal for tonight. I'll do it 5th period. Hahaha.
Sunday (08 06 06)
So I just got back home from watching a movie with Sarah and Gretchen, and it was alright (Talladaga Nights). Anyway, I came back and I found out that mandatory soccer practices start tomorrow, and if I don't go, then I have a good chance of not being able to be on the team this year. The thing is, I had no idea what was going on with soccer for the longest time, and that's my own fault. I've been really confused about whether or not I really want to play this year, and I've been putting off the decision that I guess I have to make right now, or within the next couple of hours. Part of me wants to, but then another part of me doesn't? That's really stupid to say, and the decision should be easy. YEAH...yeah, I guess I'll go. And if that's the case, then I have to go to sleep within the next half hour or so, or I should, anyway. ALRIGHTY! I guess this is goodnight, then.
Thursday (07 06 06)
I really need to get into the habit of sleeping a little bit earlier. I'm always so tired during the day, which I hate, yet I'm so reluctant come nighttime to go to bed earlier.

I've been really sore the last couple of days from jet-skiing. Yesterday was definitely the worst. This week was really fun overall, though, and I really didn't mind the pain too much. We got home today and I jogged a crap load, which didn't help at all. My muscles will probably be screaming in the morning.

If there's one super-annoying thing I've noticed about myself it's that I dwell on things and have a really hard time letting go of things I have strong feelings about, even if, objectively, I know that I should have let those feelings go a long time ago. I have opinions and annoyingly, painfully persistent emotions on things I shouldn't and feelings in territories I shouldn't cross. It's like...having once lived briefly in a beautiful country that fufilled an emotional void which had been left unfilled for such a long time, but then continually attempting to reinhabit the country after ginormous mines have been planted in, and are visibly jutting out of, the ground. The environment isn't the same anymore, yet one can't find him or herself moving on and just forgetting the elation that the place once brought. One looks for hope in an obvious crap-hole. That's what I'm like. GOODNESS!!!

Here are some last minute ramblings... 1. I'm angry that Germany lost. 2. Crisitano Ronaldo is young, cocky, and needs to pass more often. If only he wasn't so good looking. 3. I definitely left my retainer in Port Clinton. I just hope that my teeth don't shift between now and the next time I go.
Saturday (05 01 06)
It's 1:15 in the morning, and I finally decide to update -_-. Fabolous is great and everything, but I just felt like I needed another layout change. This layout is of Sammi who is now one of my favorite actresses. This picture worked out perfectly, given the current situation I'm facing, which is the post-ponement (sp?) of my trip in the form of SARS. SIGH, what can you do? Just have to wait. So everything's been a lot better lately. I've gotten most of my projects done in my classes, and it's like I can breathe again. It's nice! I'm going to the movies with some friends tomorrow to see "Mean Girls". YES, I'm so excited :D! On Sunday my little sister and I have another recital. It's at a Lutheran Home this time. I missed the last recital there, because Jessica invited me to the mall and I went to that instead :x. YES, I felt very guilty. I did tell my piano teacher, though. It reminds me of Hoobastank's new single "Reason".

"I'm not a perfect person; there's many things I wish I didn't do; but I continue learning; I never meant to do those things to you; and so I have to say before I go; that I just want you to know; I found a reason for change who I used to be...a reason to start over new...and the reason is you."

There are a LOT of things that I wish I didn't do. But I shouldn't dwell on the mistakes that I make. My mom told me some very insightful things the other day. She said, You can't let things bother you. What if what we have right now is our eternal life? What if when we go to Heaven and talk to God, He says 'I already gave you eternal life. You just didn't know how to use it.' ?. I think what she meant was, our lives have the potential to be great. We could be happy day in and day out, but we're all too distracted to make our lives worth while.

Wow, it's really late now; I'll try to blog again soon.

NAME: Crystal
AGE: 17 years

Describing myself in a short paragraph is surprisingly difficult. Nonetheless, I will find something to say. I'm a senior in high school, hoping to go to art college in the fall, so long as I finish my portfolio, that is! I like listening to, as well as playing, music, many kinds of art, watching movies, staying up during the ridiculous hours of the morning to talk about myself...among other things. Email: CLICK

AMBITIONS: 1 Learn Latin ( a stretch, I know) 2 Finish this webpage 3 Learn Mandarin (a little less of a stretch)
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THOUGHT:It's 2 AM. I really need to prioritize.
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