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Human powered model soaring (walkalong gliding or controllable slope soaring) is a simple way of both sustaining and controlling a model airplane in flight using the rising air from a suitably positioned moving paddle. The Walkalong class of gliders includes the Commercial Wind Rider (W888), Walkalong glider, Walkaplane, Air Surfer, Tumblewing, X-Surfer and follow foils. This web site is about the X-Surfer and Z-Surfer, home built walkalong class gliders.

The Walk Along Glider is covered by US Patent #
5100357 assigned to Aerovironment, Inc. and has been marketed in the past as the Air Surfer by the Wowwee division of Hasbro Toys. Commercial walkalong gliders are currently available for purchase on the web from Wind Rider of Hong Kong (Model No : W888).

Recommended Starting Design: The Paper Tumblewing
Paper airplane walkalong glider
Build your own walkalong glider From Zepron
50" Jumbo Walkalong Glider, Description of Construction
Ratios of Walkalong Glider for building any scale size
Build your own walkalong glider from Raft-R-Mate
Walkalong Butterfly
Other Walkalong Glider Designs

The Challenge of Flying Walkalong Gliders
Walkalong Glider Competition & Race Descriptions
Walkalong Gliding Services
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Efforts to get Walkalong Gliding recognized as a separate category of model aircraft

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Video of person flying a walkalong glider
Video of Walkalong Glider Pylon Race, Manheim, Germany:
Video of person flying walkalong glider using lift off of themselves (Plans for this type of walkalong glider).:
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