Real Name: Unknown, possibly Rory Campbell.
First Appearance: As Ahab, Fantastic Four Annual 23.
What's His Problem? Ahab is the master of the mutant hounds in the "Days of Future Past" timeline that the X-Men have struggled to stop for years. He hates mutants with a passion, and wants nothing more than to hunt them down and kill them, or break their spirits and turn them into hounds themselves. It should be noted that Ahab was probably screwed up in the head even before Rachel Summers crippled him, necessitating a need for a cyborg body.
Abilities: Ahab can toss around powerful energy harpoons that are attached to his own life force. Anyone it hits it can kill or seriously injure, and anyone who attempts to grab a harpoon gets burned.
Weapons: Ahab has technology created by himself that can turn anyone, mutants or otherwise, into brainwashed hounds that serve him willingly. Also, the Sentinels in Ahab's time supplied him with time travel equipment to prevent anyone from messing with the "natural flow" of history.

Favorite Quote: "Proud and defiant, just like when we first met. I'm glad. I'll enjoy breaking you anew all the more." Ahab reunites with his "favorite" hound Rachel Summers in Uncanny X-Men Annual 14.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: When Ahab arrived in the 20th century gunning for the time lost Franklin Richards, he battled The Fantastic Four, New Mutants, X-Factor, and some of the X-Men. He came very close to killing them all. He also encountered Excalibur in his own time, but fled after it became clear that Rachel Summers was no longer afraid of him.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Ahab's hounds all followed him to the letter, as he brainwashed them to do so. The Sentinels of his time tolerated him as well, until they were "reprogrammed." As Rory Campbell, if Ahab really is Rory Campbell, he was good friends with members of Excalibur and had a "crush" on Rachel Summers. This crush turned (will turn?) into a warped obsession when he became Ahab.
Most Despicable Act: Brainwashing mutants and forcing them to hunt down and murder their own kind had to have been very nasty. Ahab also did the same thing to Cyclops and the Invisible Woman, and it was only through the sacrifice of the adult Franklin Richards that they were able to retain their true selves.
Summers Family Tree Note: When Ahab first encountered the New Mutants, he bore a striking resemblance to Cable and said to him "See someone you know?" While Cable's family tree is too convoluted to go into here, it has since been "hinted" that Ahab is really Rory Campbell, and not Cable. Maybe.

by Bobby Coakley

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