Real Name: He has been called Mister Arcade; no telling if that's what's on his driver's license.
First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up 65
What's His Problem? After offing his Texas millionaire dad, Arcade used his inheritance to create Murderworld, an entertainment-based complex devoted to the destruction of whom-ever Arcade is being paid to destroy. While not an especially efficient way to asassinate enemies, Arcade enjoys himself. As he said in Green Goblin 10, "Murderworld is no mere game, Gaunt! It is my art!"
Abilities: Arcade is an electronics genius who also has a flair for devising elaborate kidnapping schemes. He has developed devices strong enough to trap and hold the entire team of X-Men, but met his match when he ran afoul of Dr. Doom. As well as its primary purpose (dispatching the odd business tycoon), his "Murderworld" amusement park can be used as a training ground for super-villains like Mystique who want a dry run before tackling the real thing. He also loans out his sophisticated automans to other super-villains like the Toad ... for a price.
Favorite Quote: "My, my, my. What a marvelous mind for mayhem I have!" (Micronauts 45)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Although he cut his eye teeth against Spider-Man and Captain Britain, the first people to ever survive Murderworld, Arcade continually crosses horns with the X-Men and their subsidiary groups like X-Force and Excalibur. Not everything runs smoothly in Murderworld, however; an attempt to directly beam the X-Men into a video game resulted in an unscheduled appearance by the the Micronauts.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: His chief assistant Mr. Chambers took on Lockheed to try and rescue Arcade. Miss Locke was fanatically devoted to her boss, once blackmailing the X-Men into rescuing Arcade from Doom. Her accidental death is the only one Arcade feels any remorse for.
Most Despicable Act: When dealing with super-heroes, Arcade often involved non-super-powered pals of theirs for use as bait. To this end, Arcade has nabbed Ricko (Green Goblin character), Courtney Ross (Captain Britain's ex-girlfriend), and most of the non-super-powered supporting X-characters at one time or another to entice super-heroes to almost certain doom. Fortunately, as good as his record is with over-weight middle-aged businessmen, Arcade is batting zero in his many attempts to off super-heroes.

Shots From the Arcade!

Marvel Team-Up 66

Uncanny X-Men 123

Excalibur 5

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