Dark Beast

Real Name: Henry McCoy
AKA: Black Beast, Alter Beast, AoA Beast, Evil Beast, ad infinitum.
First Appearance: X-Men Alpha.
What's His Problem: One of Mr. Sinister's top scientists in the Age of Apocalypse timeline, the Evil Beast crossed over to this one twenty years ago. Interested in science without any morality, this evil McCoy has created various mutant subjects and twisted others to his will. He also has become a lackey to Onslaught, but his activities post-Onslaught remain unknown.
Favorite Quote: "Oh my stars and garters... that is the phrase, isn't it?" Spoken to his "better half" in X-Men Unlimited #10.
Abilities: McCoy is just as strong and agile as this timeline's Beast, and probably just as smart. The difference is the Evil Beast has no morals or conscience, so he's more willing to go farther with his subjects in the name of science than our Hank, thank goodness, ever could.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: In both his own timeline and this one, McCoy has kept a low profile. He did try to kill some members of Generation X, and has fought the "real" McCoy on two occasions. He went undercover in the X-Men for a while, but only succeeded because Onslaught was psionically protecting him.
People Who Don't Think He's So Bad: McCoy was one of Mr. Sinister's number ones in the AoA timeline, and was "friends" with the Prelates. The X-Men were nice to him when they thought he was the good Beast, and Onslaught figured he would make a good lackey.
Most Despicable Act: In an attempt to find out all he could about this timeline's Beast so he could replace them, McCoy tracked down many old friends and colleagues to learn what he could, then mercilessly slaughtered them. Oddly enough, he found himself unable to kill "his" parents when the opportunity arose.

by Bobby Coakley

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