Real Name: Wade Wilson
First Appearance: New Mutants 98
What's His Problem? Wilson's stint in the Weapon X program cured him of cancer when chemo- and radiation-therapy couldn't; however, it cost him his physical appearance. Why, or if, that caused him to leave the program to become one of the world's top mercenaries is unknown, although hints abound in the Deadpool series. According to Dr. Weisman of the Weisman Institute, there's a good chance he acts crazy because he is crazy, so logical explanations may never be forthcoming.
Abilities: His body continually regenerates, permitting him to quickly recuperate from massive injuries that would kill anyone else (good thing, too, since he's been blown away by the likes of Cable, Domino, Copycat, and Weapon X, just to name a few). It's not quite a healing factor, and it's a byproduct of the Weapon X program so it's not an inherent mutant ability, but it works well enough for Wade. (He has called it a mutant healing factor, but he was probably just mocking Wolvie when he said it. Or maybe it's just one of those continuity gaffs that X-editors seem to have such a problem with). Deadpool is a punishing hand-to-hand combatant. Although he likes playing with big guns, he keeps old-fashioned swords straped to his back. He also possesses a personal teleportation device, but it's notoriously unreliable and breaks down constantly.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: The current Weapon X, Kane. Cable. X-Force. One very nasty run-in with Wolverine. And he seems to have a thing for Theresa Rouke, AKA Siryn, but their conflicting schedules (and perhaps the fact he knocked her out cold the first time they met) hasn't permitted the relationship to develop much beyond the hand- (or glove-) holding stage.
Favorite Quote: The Merc With A Mouth has a million of 'em, but here's one I like: "Friendship. What a bogus concept." (Deadpool v.1 2, after Juggernaut leaps from a plane to save his best bud Tom Cassidy. Juggy's selfless act left Wade holding the loot, which was exactly what Wilson planned on when he dropped Tom out of the plane in the first place). He also pops off one liners like: "I kill me! But first, I'll kill you!" with admirable comic timing whilst committing murder and mayhem, hence his trademarked nickname. One of the few bad guys who can leave 'em rolling in the aisle, both before and after dismemberment.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: The computer nerd Weasel is the closest thing to a friend Wade's got. Weapon X has moments when he can stomach Deadpool, just not recently, and certainly not since Kane hooked up with Deadpool's ex-girlfriend. After meeting in his second mini-series, Siryn mysteriously picked Deadpool to rescue her from an insane asylum, which he just-as-mysteriously did for free. Typhoid Mary keeps stalking him. And, weirdly enough, his ex-girlfriend Vanessa, AKA Copycat, tolerates him fine as long as he keeps his distance (that girl needs to take some courses in assertiveness and maintaining a positive self-image, though).
Most Despicable Act: Although he spouts amusing quips as he butchers people, Deadpool is a class-A jerk (and, as demonstrated in the utterly hysterical "Deadpool" books, he knows this and doesn't much care). He beat his former girlfriend half to death, then stabbed her in the back, and then acted hurt and confused when Vanessa told him she didn't love him any more. He continually hounds 'Nessa as she tries to build a new life. If domestic abuse and stalking weren't bad enough, he makes his living by killing people. Guy should really change his name to Deadbeat.

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