Real Name: Bennet du Paris, or Paris Bennet in AoA.
First Appearance: X-Factor 92
Presumed Removed From This Continuity In: X-Man 14. Nate Grey tossed him into a ravine and sealed it up. Exodus shouldn't get out until 2099.(Either that, or he's going to manage to get out, then get re-sealed up in the same ravine a whole buncha times! editor seen-these-things-happen-before Jeanne)
What's His Problem? Originally a crusader during the Middle Ages, the latent mutant power in Bennet du Paris was awakened by Apocalypse. When du Paris refused to killed his friend Eobar Garrington (really Dane Whitman, the 20th century Black Knight), Apocalypse put him in suspended animation for thousands of years. Awakened by Magneto, he became utterly devoted to the Master of Magnetism, determined to make Magnus' dreams of a mutant world a reality.
Powers: Exodus is a psionic mutant of the highest order, with raw power on the scale of Professor X or Nate Grey, but not enough control to wield it properly. He came dangerously close to destroying the island of Genosha all by himself, and may have played a part in Magneto's more youthful appearance. Assuming that is Magneto...
Favorite Quote: "What are you going to do ... threaten me to death?" (To his "old friend" the Black Knight in Uncanny X-Men 307)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Exodus battled the Black Knight and Sersi thousands of years ago, and fought the X-Men in the present day. He's gone up against the Avengers and X-Force, and battled Quicksilver to try and take his place as the "true son" of Magneto. Nate Grey finally "killed" him, but Exodus also fought (will fight?) the mutant team of X-Nation in the year 2099.
People Who Don't Think He's So Bad: He and the Black Knight were great friends back in the Middle Ages, and Magneto saw Exodus as his number one follower. Also, most of the Acolytes, including Colossus, followed Exodus when Professor X mind wiped Magneto, though he could get a little... rough with them if they didn't do what he said. In the Age of Apocalypse timeline, Paris was devoted to a kinder, gentler Magneto, and also was in love with Alison Blaire, a.k.a. the Dazzler.
Most Despicable Act: During the "Bloodties" story, Exodus tried to destroy all of the X-Men and Avengers along with the island of Genosha. This culminated with his attempted murder of Magneto's granddaughter, Luna, simply because she had no superhuman powers. It took Professor X and the Black Knight working together to stop him.

by Bobby Coakley

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