Real Name: Unknown
AKA: Nemesis
First Appearance: X-Men Alpha. He first appeared as an entry in Stryfe's Strike File, but that seems to have been ignored. Just as well.
What's His Problem? A homicidal and very dangerous mutant from the Age of Apocalypse timeline, Holocaust was messed up in the head even before the AoA Magneto nearly killed him and forced him to wear life-supporting armor. When that time line Never Happened (just go with me on this), Holocaust arrived in this one, eager for the same power he held in his own world.
Abilities: Holocaust can throw around some very powerful energy blasts that are electro-magnetic in nature. It's possible that he gets the energy for these bursts by directly absorbing the life force from other people.
Weapons: Holocaust is literally "held together" by a powerful suit of armor that prevents his massive energy from dispersing. The suit also gives him super strength.
Favorite Quote: "There are none who are fit to survive in the landscape that I will create!" (Astonishing X-Men 3; Holocaust reveals a very important difference between his and his father's views on evolutionary fitness!)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Holocaust fought the X-Men quite often in the Age of Apocalypse world, and has clashed with them again in this one. He also took apart Sabertooth during the AoA, sparking discussion about how Sabertooth could survive an attack that left him without any internal organs, and leading to Holocaust's final take down by an irate Blink -- editor Jeanne. He fought X-Force while helping Sebastion Shaw, and battled Nate Grey and the Avengers while working for Onslaught.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Holocaust is the apple of his father's eye, although it's anyone's guess how they'll react to each other in this timeline. Sebastion Shaw and Onslaught also put him to good use.
Most Despicable Act: Holocaust killed hundreds of thousands in his own timeline, and has hopes of topping that record in this one.
Random Musings: The fact that Holocaust first appeared as an adult hints that he was created by genetic engineering via Apocalypse's DNA. The nature of his power suggests that the other DNA donor was the AoA timeline's Angelica Jones, aka Firestar. Nothing has been explicitly stated, but hey, you never know. (At least he isn't a Summers.)

by Bobby Coakley

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