The Juggernaut!

Real Name: Cain Marko
First Appearance: X-Men 12
What's His Problem? Cain is intensely jealous of his step-brother, Charles Xavier. This may be because Cain was sent to a military boarding school, something the younger Charles never had to go through; because Charles out-performed him academically; or just because Charles once forgot to pass the salt at dinner and Cain never lets go of a grudge.
Powers: The Juggernaut's powers are mystical in origin. Cain came in contact with a mysterious ruby which he discovered in an Asian temple during his stint in the military. The gem invested anyone who touched it with the power of the god Cyttorak, turning Marko into an unstoppable living engine with the ability to smash through any barrier, and making him immune to pain and injury. With Juggy and Cyttorak's gem now one, Juggernaut is more powerful than ever, and may even be immortal.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Although he's most likely to be found trying to pound Xavier's pupils the X-men into the ground, Cain has also been seen bludgeoning the likes of Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Venom. He and fellow assassin-for-hire Deadpool have butted heads numerous times, a rivaly that is likely to continue since Deadpool is also the type who holds grudges.
Favorite Quote: "So, uh ... is that Venom guy your boyfriend or what?" (From "Venom: The Madness 3." Don't you love it when inarticulate bad guys try to make small talk with their kidnapping victims?)
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Cain is utterly devoted (well, as utterly devoted as bad guys get) to his best friend, Black Tom Cassidy, even once trying to share the power of the Ruby of Cyttorak with Tom (Marvel Team-Up 150. As it happened, Tom didn't like being so powerful). Tom's relative, Siryn of X-Force, still has a soft spot for ol' Juggy, despite feeling the need to try and knock his block off every now and again. Fortunately, Cain doesn't take that sort of thing too personally. Juggernaut also got along fairly well with his Exiles comrades in the Ultraverse before finding his way back to the Marvel Universe (although since that whole Ultraverse thing apparently Didn't Really Happen, I guess we can't count that).
Most Despicable Act: Well, he's a professional assassin who doesn't care who he offs. His own family isn't immune from his temper; Juggy spent his entire youth picking on his step-brother... and continuing to pick on him all during his adult years demonstrates seriously arrested development. No wonder Onslaught made Cain his first victim!
Quick Thanks: To Jeff Rohde for helping clarify parts of the Juggernaut's mystical beginnings!

Juggernaut Mug Shots!

Uncanny X-Men 46

Uncanny X-Men 102

Juggernaut to the rescue!

Juggy versus X-Force! 1991
(Warning: This is a big file! 'course, Juggy's a big guy...)

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