Real Name: Mojo the First. "The" Mojo in the Mojoverse is the entity with the highest ratings. Our favorite yellow blob was replaced by Mojo the Second, but why Mojo II is no longer among the top ten of the Mojoverse is a bit of a mystery. Presumably a ratings slump led to his removal -- editor Jeanne
First Appearance: Longshot 3
Died In: X-Men 11. It was a brief cancellation in the long-running series that is Mojo...
What's His Problem? He has no problem as long as he's allowed to make movies. Mojo is a ruler from another dimension, where he makes endless films, mostly of violent events from Earth -- some of which happen at his instigation.
Powers: Mojo doesn't seem to have any powers, per se, though he is a brilliant, if insane, genetic engineer and roboticist.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Mostly the X-Men, in various incarnations. Mojo has particularly been involved in (and complicated) the lives of Longshot, Psylocke, Shatterstar, and Dazzler.
Favorite Quote: "Where are my X-Men!?" (Uncanny X-Men Annual 11. This was after the X-Men "died" in Dallas; Mojo had been filming the X-Men's exploits through cameras he'd placed in Psylocke's eyes, and when they "died," he was no longer getting the images. Since they were his best-rated films, he was rather peeved. This led, as these things will do, to the creation of the X-babies.)
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Major Domo is devoted to him, but that's only because he's a robot and is programmed to be. Aside from that, everyone, even chief assassin Spiral, thinks he's a spineless yellow blob -- with reason, actually, since he really is a spineless yellow blob.
Most Despicable Act: I don't think Mojo's ever committed an act that wasn't despicable. Some candidates would be the aforementioned using of Psylocke's eyes to film the X-Men (New Mutants Annual 3, Uncanny X-Men Annual 10), kidnapping Karma's twin siblings Leong and Nga (New Mutants Annual 3 again), and taking over an orbiting prison full of hardened criminals for his own use and condemning Longshot to death (the novel "X-Men: Prisoner X").

by Keith R.A. DeCandido

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