Real Name: Inapplicable. (I love that word!)
AKA: The Ultimate Sentinel. Bastion.
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men 191
Died in: Uncanny X-Men 247 by bonding to the Master Mold and getting thrown through the much-loathed Siege Perilous (which somehow turned him into Bastion), and again in X-Force 36.
What's His Problem? Created in the "Days of Future Past" time period, Nimrod was inadvertently sent to the present through a time portal created by Dr. Strange and Illyana Rasputin (long story). There, he began to fulfill his primary programming of exterminating mutants to protect humanity. Evolving to find he had human-like emotions, Nimrod eventually decided to destroy himself rather than risk human lives fulfilling his primary program.
Abilities: As the "Ultimate Sentinel," Nimrod seemed to be able to create new powers for himself as he went along. Like all sentinels, he had a battle computer able to accurately predict the powers and strategies of the X-Men and self-repair capabilities. Other powers included super-strength, teleportation, energy blasts, force fields, and nerve-shock webbing.
Weapons: Hey, he is a weapon!
Favorite Quote: "Such overwhelming emotions breed carelessness. Carelessness breeds mistakes. Mistakes make my victory... that much easier." Nimrod explains the benefits of being an emotionless robot while trashing the Juggernaut in Uncanny X-Men 194.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: As a Sentinel, Nimrod always seemed to keep bumping into the X-Men, both in his own time and the present. He also slammed the Juggernaut and the Hellfire Club around, and fought X-Force in a new robot body. Machine Man and Cable had a go-round with Nimrod under his "Bastion" identity -- editor Jeanne
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: When he first arrived in the present day, Nimrod, taking human form, gained a surprising amount of popularity in New York City during a stint as a "hero." The public saw him as a "down to earth" superhero, mainly because he was fighting the "outlaw" X-Men. The robotic Master Mold decided to take over Nimrod's body to battle the X-Men, so that could be seen as a nod of approval.
Most Despicable Act: Nimrod presumably destroyed many mutants in his own time period; when transported to the present, Nimrod planned to off every mutant he could, something that would have killed many humans as well. While murdering Hellfire Club members Harry Leland and Friedrich Von Roehm was pretty bad, Nimrod also played a part in tossing X-Man Rogue through the Siege Perilous, a long-disliked blight on X-history.

by Bobby Coakley

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