Real Name: Kevin MacTaggart
AKA: Mutant X
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men 125
What's His Problem? Kevin MacTaggart had a happy childhood on Muir Isle being raised by his mother, Moria MacTaggart. Unfortunately, when his mutant power surfaced, it threatened to destroy him and perhaps the world. Moria put her son into a prison on Muir Isle in an attempt to help him, but Kevin saw himself as being treated like some lab rat in an experiment. After Kevin escaped when his cell was damaged in a fight between Magneto and the X-Men, he went on a rampage in Scotland, until the X-Men stopped him.
Powers: Proteus had the power to manipulate reality any way he chose to, usually very destructively. He was pure energy and had to "possess" host bodies to survive, including that of his own father. This possession invariably resulted in the death of the host. His only weakness was to metal, something he lost when he was resurrected by A.I.M.
Favorite Quote: "Oh, do you now? We find that rather amusing...since we are in control here!" X-Factor Annual 6, after Cyclops said there were two ways in which the heroes could "deal" with the situation. Too bad one of the ways was convincing Proteus that the only way he could be happy would be to kill himself.
Heroes He Kept Running Into: Proteus originally battled the X-Men, and wound up having his essence spread across the world. When he was pulled together, he fought the New Warriors, X-Force, X-Factor, and the X-Men, whom the Shadow King secretly controlled. In an alternate timeline, he fought the X-Men along with the crew of the Starship Enterprise, but try to ignore it and maybe it will go away. Amen to that!! -- editor Jeanne

People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Moria MacTaggart loved her son, but tried to kill him when it became clear how dangerous he was, and realized he was probably happier where he was than with her. After his resurrection, he literally "bonded" with an abused child named Gilbert Benson, and together they tried to reform the world. After Jean Grey convinced them that they couldn't be happy that way, Proteus agreed to spread out his energy across the world again so he could finally find reason and order in the mathematic dispersal of energy. No, I am not kidding.
Most Despicable Act: While a bit sympathetic after his resurrection, Proteus was originally as evil as they came. He went on a rampage throughout Edinburgh, Scotland, and seriously messed with the X-Men's minds and bodies. He had plans for ruling or even destroying the world. This could be the influence of his father, Joe MacTaggart, who Proteus killed and possessed. Joe was so rotten, after beating his wife Moria MacTaggart, he refused to divorce her when she left him since he thought being married to a Nobel prize winning scientist was politically good for him! What a creep!

by Bobby Coakley

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