Real Name: Victor Creed (maybe; with all the mind games that have been played with Sabertooth's head over the years, it's hard to know anything about him for sure!)
First Appearance: Iron Fist 14
Died In: Oh, Sabertooth dies all the time. He's bought it in Amazing Spider-Man, New Mutants, an X-Men special, and during the Age of Apocolypse storyline. He doesn't stay dead, leading to speculation that he's actually an Eternal and can't be killed, or even that all of the dead Sabertooths (Saberteeth?) were second-rate clones of the powerful original. However, since several of the Eternals have bit the big one and the most famous clone of 'em all is now a pile of dust, he might be better off as just a really, really hard-to-kill mutant...
Powers: Super-human strength and endurance, plus a mutant healing factor that can cure him of everything from a paper-cut to evisceration. Handy power, that. And late developing, too; his first dozen appearances, there was no evidence of such an ability!
What's His Problem? Possibly severely abused as a child, although he may just be a mean kinda guy.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Wolverine and Gambit, among other X-men, as well as his former partner Maverick. He has had repeated spats with Spider-Man, and on one memorable occasion the Black Cat smashed his face in. His original foe, Iron Fist, is the one who really gets on his nerves. And don't even mention Misty Knight to him! She put him out of commission for weeks after only his third appearance in the Marvel Universe!
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Hmmm ... wait, there must be somebody... Well, he was very cozy with the Constrictor for a while, and in fact shared three of his first four appearance with the assassin. The two were so close that the Constrictor was willing to take on Sabretooth's grudge matches as if they were his own. When Victor was transferred over to the X-Men to become Wolverine's biggest headache, however, that friendship just evaporated. Me, I still wonder what happened between those two. Meltdown of X-Force used to be his sole defender among the mutant set, but hasn't felt the same about him since he gutted Pyslocke. And Mystique, the mother of his son, would love to see Creed dead. This guy just can't maintain relationships for any length of time.
Most Despicable Act: Did I mention Pyslocke? Well, Creed does that to people, super-powered and otherwise, all the time. The constant ripping out of entrails gets really annoying.

Sabertooth Mug Shots!

Iron Fist 14

Spec. Spider-Man 119

Uncanny Xmen 222

Wolverine 90, 1994.

Sabretooth Sound Bytes!

From X-Men: The Animated Series. All sound files are in .wav format

"What's wrong, Wolverine? No kiss and make up?"

"Lemme get my claws on that Senator's throat! SNARL!"

"I'd heard you'd gone soft. I was curious. I think maybe I heard right..."

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