Mister Sinister

Real Name: Nathan Essex.
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men 221
What's His Problem? A doctor from the Victorian era whose fascination with genetics has permitted him to scientifically extend his life, Sinister is obsessed with the DNA of various Summers' family members. Exactly what is so special about the DNA of Cyclops, Havok, Cable, X-Man and the unknown Summers sibling is unclear. His expertise with genetic manipulation has permitted him to create clones, most notably one of Jean Grey that went on to marry Cyclops and give birth to Cable.
Powers: The complete range of Mister Sinister's abilities remains a mystery. He has super-human strength, remarkable regenerative properties, apparently can shapeshift and may be able to teleport. What is the result of genetic experimentation and what is natural ability isn't clear. (Do you get the idea that a lot about this character isn't clear?)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Sinister's obsession with all things Summers makes him a continual foe of the X-Men and X-Force. He's also chased after the genetic material of the X-Man, Nate Grey, and clashed with Cable.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: His Marauders take orders from him but most haven't trusted Sinister since he destroyed Malice for defying him. Madelyne Pryor, Jean Grey's hapless clone, has a complex relationship with her creator. Faye Livingstone accepted him as Nathan Essex, but was repulsed when she discovered he was mostly interested in the mutant factor hidden away in her genes. In an alternate time-line, he was Apocalypse's treachery-minded lieutenant. Clearly no one stays very happy with Mister Sinister for long.
Most Despicable Act: Sinister was behind the Mutant Massacre, during which his Marauders attacked the Morlocks, a group of mutant misfits that hid from "normal" people. Perhaps hundreds of mutants were slaughtered under the streets of New York City during this assault. The point of this assault remains (you guessed it) unclear. Holding his lover Faye Livingstone captive for months against her will ranks up there. Continually visiting her when she was in a nursing home confirms that Sinister possesses a real stalker mentality -- but we already knew that from his constant harassment of the Summers siblings, right?

Sinister Mug Shots!

X-Men 239

Cable 6

X-Men Annual

Sinister Sounds!

From the X-Men Animated Series. All sounds in .wav format.

"My name is Sinister. Mister Sinister."

"Cyclops and Jean Grey are mine!"

"I should have let you die!"

"It will be easier if you don't resist. And less dangerous."

"Summers, you fool!"

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