Real Names: Bowzer, Ducks, Jacko, Popsie, and Scarper
First Appearance: Excalibur Special Edition 1
What's Their Problem? Beasties created by Mojo to hunt the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix, the warwolves went to England looking for Rachel Summers, the current host for the Phoenix power, getting tangled up with Excalibur in their efforts to kidnap her. Despite the failure of his pets to capture Phoenix, Mojo continues to use them to hunt other people and to protect himself.
Favorite Quote: "Dead you thought I was, by your own hand. From the others, you did escape. Wrong you were." (Excalibur 41; the most archaic-speaking of the Warwolves gloats over his capture of Rachel.)
Abilities: As well as the usual superhuman agility and stamina most genetically engineered constructs are created with, they can drain an individual's life force, wearing the victim's skin as a suit in order to blend into their surroundings. They can also combine together to make one huge Warwolf, which they apparently need to do before opening any portals back to the Mojoverse.
Heroes They Keep Running Into: Being agents of Mojo means grabbing mutants for the enhancement of the corpulent one's ratings. The warwolves have fought Excalibur and the X-Men in the comics trying to get fresh ratings fodder, and even fight Wolvie and Elektra on back of Wolverine's cards. Not sure where you continuity geeks want to put that latter confrontation ...
People Who Think They're Not So Bad: Mojo just uses them and doesn't care much about them, although they seem to like one other well enough, and even refer to themselves as "kinsmen."
Most Despicable Act: Pretending to be X-Men to capture the Phoenix was pretty low, especially since everyone thought the X-Men dead at the time. And let's not even discuss that nasty habit they have of tossing their skins on the floor!

by Jeanne Burch and Brandon Downard

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