OK OK I finally got with the times. Here is a collection of MegaAVs that were scanned and made into AVs
for you by a very good friend of mine and I. We have worked hard and finally got them up. The mega's are free
for you to take and wear in VP, However we do ask that you not display any of them on any other site without
giving full credit to this site. My friend is working like crazy so I look for this site to double in
size within the next couple of weeks. So stop back often in your search for that perfect AV. If you are
looking for something that you are unable to get and it is not displayed in these pages, Please feel free
to E-Mail me and I will try between my friend and I to make it. Momma always said you can't get something
if you ask for nothing. LOL
Enjoy!!! :}
I would like also to get a mega links page up, so if you have a
mega site or know of one, please E-Mail me or sign my guestbook.

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Do you need your new AV painted?

Try one of these sites. They are there to get
the job done for you and have a little fun in the process.
They are all very busy so please be kind when you visit them.

As far as I know all of these images are in public domain on the web and if not please let me know, and I will remove them.