How to sneak out of the house, unnoticed

How to sneak out of the house, unnoticed.


For every teenager, hanging out with your friends is part of your daily routine. Nevertheless, sneaking out at night to meet them, adds the taste of adventure in that everyday task. I’m sure most of you, almost all, had snuck out of your houses at night at least once, in order to go out. However, some of them who do not carry out their procedures carefully and properly enough, are likely to get caught. To be the ‘master’ of sneaking out, all you have to do is follow my directions.


Sneaking out of the house requires a lot of examining and meticulousness. For the kids who suffer from having to get caught all the time, fear no morel, because I will tell you step by step how to get out of the house, unnoticed. In order to do that, first you need to prepare for the ‘grand exit.’ During the daytime, carefully and very silently, get a small flashlight and put it in your room. Then, get some olive oil from the kitchen and put some on your hands just enough so that it won’t drip. If you take too much, it would rip on the floor and make a mess. The oil is used to silence the creaking sound the hinges of the doors make (yes, it really works!). Walk over to your bedroom door. Put the oil on the hinges of the door and swing it back and forth to see if it makes the old creaking sound. Apply until the sound is gone. After you’ve accomplished that, walk over to all the doors that block your way at night, probably the back door, or the front door, and repeat the above procedures. Next, you have to figure out which parts of the floors make that squeaky sound. Slowly, start from your bedroom and walk all the way across the house until the front/back door, carefully marking in your head, the specific tiles or places that do not make any noise. Depending on your ability to memorize, you can mark the tiles with tiny stickers, or you can draw up a map of your floor, you can do anything you want as long as you’re positive your parents won’t notice. Now, the preparation part is finished.


                  Go through the day with your daily routines, and wait patiently until you know for sure that your parents are asleep. To test things out, you can walk past in front of their room making some noise. If they wake up, you can just tell them you were getting some food from the fridge, or going to the bathroom, but this means you have to wait a bit more. If they do not wake up, then it is time for you to take action. After you’ve done the test and made sure that your parents are asleep, go back to your room and dress up. While you are at tit, why don’t you dress up a little fancily? It would certainly add more excitement to your midnight project.


                  When you are through all the previous procedures, it is now time for the action to begin, sneaking out. Put some pillows under your covers to look like you’re still in bed (just in case you’re parents come to check up on you). Turn off any lights. Be as cautious as possible, take your flashlight, and open your bedroom door. Surprisingly, it does not creak. Why? Because you’ve greased it before. So give yourself a little pat on the back. Then, turn on the flashlight and look for the specific parts on the floor you’ve eyed earlier. Walking on these parts would allow you to go to your door without a creak. After you arrive at your exiting door, turn off the flashlight, and open the door carefully. After you are out of the house completely, slowly close the door behind you, and voila! You’ve done it. You can stay out all night and not worry about a thing because you did not get caught! And your parents obviously have no idea that you’ve snuck out. The only step left for you is to go out and have fun. Since it was something you just could not miss, it better be good.


                  Teenagers, many of us always try to rebel and break rules. Sneaking out of the house is probably on the top 10 list of notorious things that we do. But who can blame us? It’s in our nature. However, what many of us don’t often realize is that the rules our parents set up for us are actually for our own goods. So next time you’re thinking of using my procedures to sneak out somewhere, think again. Ask yourself if it is that important for you to go through all that risk just to get out of the house for one day, because one day of sneaking out might lead to a permanent break of your parents’ and your bond of trust.