The silks page is divided into 2 sections, the DSI slave levels and the General silks levels.

DSI slave levels

Learner-restricted: All slaves brand new to gor or with very little experiece start out at this level in DSI. slaves at the learner-restricted level will do chores and study the ways of DSI only. slaves at this level may not serve until the first girl or a trainer has determined they know the basic steps to a serve. Once a slave at this level knows the fundamental steps to a serve, they will be moved to
the learner level. learner-restricted slaves will kneel in tower and have a blue star * in their collar.

Learner: All slaves who have experience in Gor and who are not classified as learner-restricted start out on this level in DSI. a learner may serve in tower, do chores and study the ways of DSI. learners may not lap or fur. a learner have a blue star * in their collar. Once a slave at this level has successfully completed the first 5 slave lessons, they may be tested for experienced level.

Experienced: experienced slaves been tested on the Dark Shadows Inn rules, know how to serve and have knowledge on foods, drinks, animals, plants and basic first aid, but are still training on them. experienced slaves are allowed to lap, serve in nadu and fur and have a yellow star * in their collar. A slave may advance to the next level when they have completed and passed the final slave lessons and have been sucessfully tested.

Pleasure slave: pleasure slaves have learned how to dance, know all foods, drinks, animals, plants, and other knowledge included in slave training, and have been found pleasing. pleasure slaves have a red star * in their collar.


General slave levels

Silks are defined in two different ways on online gor and in the books. defined below are both what they mean on online Gor and add quotes.

Red Silks
A slave of red silk status is known as a falara, meaning a girl is complete and fully a woman, a pleasure slave.. there are 3 types of red silk slaves
1) pagar - term applied to the best trained of slaves
2) pleasure slave -a girl wearing redsilks
3) passion slave - bred for a particular trait, such as beauty, slave heat, or the shape of her lips.. obvious not a barbarian
Red silk slaves are generally used by any who desire her, but may also be reserved solely for the use of her Master. A pleasure slave is considered to be well trained, to please in all ways sexually, service wise, dancing. However in the books a Red silk slave is simply one who is not virgin anymore (and lives in a city).

"There is a stain on your thigh," I said. "My Master took my virginity," she said. "You are now a red-silk girl," I said. "Yes, Master," she said, "I am now a red-silk girl." Explorers of Gor page 200.

"Similarly, the expression `red-silk,' in Gorean, tends to be used as a category in slaving, and also, outside of the slaving context, as an expression in vulgar discourse, indicating that the woman is no longer a virgin, or, as the Goreans say, at least vulgarly of slaves, that her body has been opened by men." Blood Brothers of Gor page 147.

"'One expects a red-silk girl, for example, to not only be able to find her way about the furs, but, subject to the whip, owned and dominated, perhaps chained, to prove herself a sensuous treasure within them.'" Savages of Gor page 205.

“Curnus turned to Caprus, who stood near him, 'Is she trained?' he asked. 'No,' said Caprus. 'She is a RedSilk but she knows almost nothing.'” Assassin of Gor page 46.

Yellow Silks
These girls are knowledgeable in most ways of serving except dancing and the use of the heat as seductively as a redsilk. She is often in training for her red silks. Her use is free and may include sexual favours at the Owner's discretion. In the books however these are known to be Tavern slaves.

White Training Silks
A slave wearing white silks is mostly but not necessarily denoting her virginity on online gor; it can also mean she is reserved solely for the use of her Master. In most cases it is acceptable for the Master to embarrass and/or upbraid the slave. However in the books white silks means virgin.

QUOTE: "'I am a virgin,' she said. 'You are white-silk,' I said. 'Please do not use that vulgar expression of me,' she begged. 'Do not fear,' I said, 'it will soon be inappropriate.'" Beasts of Gor page 120.

"Are you white silk?" I asked. "I am a virgin," she said. "Then you are white silk," I said. Explorers of Gor page 172.

"Its contrasting term is `white-silk,' usually used of slaves who are still virgins, or, equivalently, slaves whose bodies have not yet been opened by men. Needless to say, slaves seldom spend a great deal of time in the `white-silk' category. It is common not to dally in initiating a slave into the realities of her condition." Blood Brothers of Gor page 472.

"'To be sure,' I said, '"white" in the context of "white-silk girl" tends less to suggest purity and innocence to the Gorean than ignorance, naivety, and a lack of experience.'" Savages of Gor page 205.

Grey Silks/Kettle
A girl in grey silks is a stateowned slave owned slave in the books. Her garment is generally made of cloth, a camisk, instead of silk. This girl is known to be in her kettle ko~lar on online gor (though this rule is different from site to site and place to place). Her chores are studying and cleaning ONLY.

QUOTE: "The garmenture of a state slave.. a tunic, brief, sleeveless and gray, slashed to the waist and gray. The collar worn by such slaves is gray, matching the tunic. It is also customary to lock about their left ankle, a steel band also gray, from which depended five small bells, also of gray metal." Magicians of Gor page 340.

Black Silks
An unowned slave is in her black silks.

Purple 'Silks'
This color is reserved for slaves of the Priest Kings. The 'silks' are actually plastic. These slaves generally serve only in the Sardar Mountains, the Home of the Priest Kings, and such slaves are called muls.

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