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Welcome to the XFU School of General Studies.
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Areas of Study
This is the department for students who wish to study topics that don't fit in with other schools at the University.
The way getting a degree in General Studies works is the following. You must first decide what you wish to write your thesis on. Here are some suggested areas of study:

Of course, these are just overall, suggested areas of study. Feel free to modify, reinvent, widen, or narrow any of them to your satisfaction. You may even create your own topic area since this is General Studies department.
The only requirements are that:

Please make sure to peruse the Course Catalogue and verify. I can't tell you how many Gen Studies applicants have been turned away because of these rules (especially rule 2). If you are uncertain as to whether your thesis topic would be better suited for another School, email the dean of that school. (School listings and deans' names can be found at The XFU Course Catalogue.)
Final decision on these issues lies with me.


Degree Requirements
Degrees available:
   Standard Degree. Must submit one thesis on approved subject.
   Second Level Degree. This requires another thesis.
   Highest Degree Available. Must submit a third separate thesis.


Thesis Guidelines
Your thesis must be at least 10K in size for a major, 5K in size for a minor. (Larger is fine, too.) NC-17 language and subject matter is allowed, but not recommended - all within relatively good taste, of course. Please keep in mind that your thesis will be archived at the XFU, so anything you would be embarrassed to see in print, do not write.
I will be responsible for "grading" your work. You will be informed as to the status of your degree along the way. (Please allow me at least two to three weeks to review your work.) If your work is not accepted the first time, please do not be offended. We want our archive to represent the Best of the Best of X-Philes' Writing. No degrees have a time constraint. Take as long as you want to finish your work, and re-submit again to me.

Your thesis must prove your theory. A good paper possesses the following elements:

  1. A cohesive, controlling thesis statement at the beginning that says 'This is what I'm going to talk about and this is what I intend to prove.'
  2. A similar controlling topic statement for each paragraph that summarizes your point for each paragraph, ties all the ideas within it together, and relates it to the main thesis topic.
  3. A comprehensive conclusion paragraph that reminds the reader of everything you just said and gives them a sense of completion and understanding.
    ~In other words: Tell them what you're going to tell them. Tell them. Then, tell them what you told them.~
  4. A mininum number of grammatical mistakes, including run-on sentences. Notice: Jane went to the store and Mike went to the movies. is a run-on! Jane went to the store, and Mike went to the movies. is not.
  5. Intelligent discussion and scholarly diction.
  6. Cohesive sentences and, most importantly, effective transitions between paragraphs.
  7. Finally, a good thesis does more than just summarize The X-Files. A paper that simply rehashes an episode or resorts to pure character summary is not acceptable. You must analyze the show or the character in some way and apply that to some theory. Discuss the reasons, motives, or effects of the events you are describing.
I'd suggest reading others' theses before starting your own. A good writer knows others' work.
If you need any help with any of the above directions or just your writing in general, please email us. It's our job to help.


Reference Links
Here are some recommended places for research:

The XF Official Site
    There really is good deal here to use in your research.
The XF Alphabet Book
    Your A-Z's of XF information
About.Com: The X-Files
    Current XF links and news
X-Links Central
    Lots and lots of links
The X-Review
    Archive of various authors' episode reviews
The X-Files Movie
Deep Background
    Great place for character research

Character/Actor Specific

The Gillian Anderson Website
Order of the Blessed St. Scully the Enigmatic
The Society for the Prevention of Cruely to David Duchovny
Fox William Mulder on the Web
2 Minute XF News Stop: Cancer Man Dept.
    The Cigarette-Smoking Man
The Office of the Assistant Director
    Walter Skinner/Mitch Pileggi
The Lair of the Rat
    Alex Krycek/Nicolas Lea
The Melissketeers Home Page
    Melissa Scully/Melinda McGraw


XFU Links
The XFU Homepage
The XFU Course Catalogue
The XFU Faculty
Amy Lang, XFU President


Mailing List
Students can subscribe to the School of General Studies Mailing List
for administrative announcements and student/faculty discussion.
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Email the deans.


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