Golem Logic Block Size and Block Strength

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Golem Logic Block Size and Block Strength
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Notes Before Starting:
-This will help you figure out the shaape of a Golem Logic Block for any two items you want to combine. Here's the formula and an example:
(Material Block # for the 1st item) + (Material Block # for the 2nd item) = Combined Material Block #
Example: Any item made of Ishe Platinum (6) + Any item made of Sultan's Silk (8) = Combined Material Block # of 14
If you look at the chart titled "Block Types Based on Combined Material Block #" you'll see that any combination of materials that adds up to a 14 will look like this:

So if I combined and Ishe Helm with an Ishe Drum I'd get a logic block shaped like that.

Block # Based on Item Material

Material Block # Metal Wood Stone Hide Scales Bone Fabric Rock Misc. Metal


Menos Bronze Ash Wood     Lizard Scales     Jacobini Rock Tortoise Shell


Forsena Iron Fossil Wood*     Snake Scales     Halley Rock Shell


Granz Steel   Marble   Dragon Scales     Ankh Rock  


Lorant Silver   Obsidian     Animal Bone   Vinek Rock  


Wendel Silver
  Pedan Stone     Ivory   Tuttle Rock  


Vizel Gold Oak Wood Gaius's Tears     Fossil   Nemesis Rock*  


Ishe Platinum Holly Wood   Animal Hide       Biella Rock Emerald


Lorimar Iron Baobab Wood   Gator Skin     Topple Cotton Swifte Rock* Pearl


Altena Alloy Ebony Wood         Sultan's Silk   Lapis Lazuli


Maia Lead Maple Wood   Dragon Skin     Judd Hemp   Full Metal


  Dior Wood     Fish Scales   Altena Felt   Coral
*Item not available in U.S. version

Block Types Based on
Combined Material Block #

Material Block #
Block Type
0 or 11
1 or 12
2 or 13
3 or 14
4 or 15
5 or 16
6 or 17
7 or 18
8 or 19
9 or 20

Other Notes:
-Golem techniques that cause damage caan have a strength bonus rating of +1 ~ +9. To determine the strength bonus rating of a block you're about to make you must consider the defense power and attack power of the two items you are combining. The formula to figure a block's strength bonus rating is this:
[(Attack or Defense of the 1st item) + (Attack or Defense of the 2nd item)] ÷ 17 = Strength Bonus Rating
Example: [Ishe 2H Sword (Attack: 50) + Lorimar Iron Robe (Defense: 17)] ÷ 17 = Strength Bonus Rating of +3
-As a general rule, you want to place any long-range Logic Blocks on the right half of your Golem's Logic Grid and any short-range Logic Blocks on the left half of your Golem's Logic Grid.

Last Update: Oct. 9, 2001