The Worlds Largest Basshorns

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Don’t ask why.

Ask why not

Is that little 4” ‘subwoofer’ not quite cutting it?

Low frequency output demands a long horn. For efficiency the mouth must be large.This results in an imperfect,but largely astounding performance.



More horn design


1 Gjerstad Horn

“Here is some information about the horns:

The history behind the horns started last year when they did not have enough low bass on the Mølla festival in Gjerstad (Norway).

The festival boss Knut Magne Valle contacted me and said he had bought two P Audio BM 18LF and wanted to have the most efficient bass cabinets at a maximum length of seven meters. Not quite the dream driver for a large horn, so I used three full days modelling and calculating a special horn for these drivers.

To compensate for the weak motors I ended up with an open back sideloaded design where the horn does all the damping.

Frequency response is pluss minus 1 dB in the bandpass from 23-250 Hz, and the phase response is pluss minus 10 degrees in the intended bandpass from 23-80 Hz.

The horns was built by Jarle Grimsland and Knut Magne Valle, it took the brave boys a full week to build them. They used 100 meters of 2”x4” to brace each horn, and they are planning to fill sand in each cell of braces.

Just to get an idea of how loud these monsters can play, they made ripples on the ponds just like in Jurassic Park.” Rune Skramstad,Norway.




2 6090 Monster Another by Rune Skramstad.




3 MOAS horn



4 6m ‘Petal’ horn Recent European Addition.




7 Royal device