The Temple of Rey

This is my life. A work of fiction. A work in progress. But then, that is everyone's life, really.
Something in nothing, nothing in something.
The world goes around, with or without, do or die. My life, a work of fiction.
I don't try to pretend that I live in a reality.

Nothing is reality, nothing is my world. It's the same for you, and everyone around you.
You are not real, they are not real. You may try to protest this fact, but it is indeed a fact. I said so.
And this is my world, through my eyes, and you are not a part of that.
You do not exist to me. I exist to you.

This is my life, it is only I who exist, you are a work of fiction about to enter into the real world.
If at any time you disagree with this, you may stop reading. If not, continue on.
I am not here to convince you that I am right,
but to show you just how wrong you can be.
To show you how disillusioned you are.
You think you are real, you think you exist in a world, you think you think.
All of this is wrong, all of this I know
and you are about to discover.

You are about to discover the real world. The real world as I see it, as I exist in it, as I am Reyanan.

And I should, perhaps, mention that this site is currently down. Sometimes even life needs to be edited for content.
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