Oooooo GiRL...
c/o 2oO3 PicTures
n O t h i N
maTteRs    in 
thiS  whOLe  wiDe
wOrLd wHen yOu'Re iN
L o V e w/ a  J e r Z y g i R L
meMOries LasT fOreveR*
" true friends are hard tO find, difficult tO leave, and impOssible tO fOrget "
<3 tO all the girls + guys
(especially the 345 + the GWDB)
uDeL PicTures
just the girls...*
mOre DicKie B
HallOween //
mOre v-town pics
tO my girLs::

when the keg has been kicked
when the liquor has run dry
when we've fallen out of love w. that "perfect" guy
when the party is over
when we're passed out on the floor
when we can't keep kickin ass in beer pong anymore
when the cigs are gone
when there's no weed in the place
when our mascara is running all over our face
when we've fallen down
when the world has turned cold
and we're sitting in our rockers getting old
we'll still be best friends cause we all know the deal
we're each other's girls and we'll always keep it real
WinTer Vaca o3-o4
PSU triP
!!! spring semester o4 !!!
New YeaRs o4