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Cole Bryant Hey
*~*has finally arrived*~*
Cole's hospital picture
(not a very happy baby)

born on:  February 1, 2001

at:  7:06 a.m.

in:  KSB Hospital

delivered by:  Dr. E. Kvale

length:  21 in. 

weight:  7 lbs. 4 oz.

hair:  brown        

eyes:  blue
The (UNMEDICATED) Birth Story~ Matt, Brandon & I went to the Dr. Wednesday January 31 at 2:15.  Dr. said we should go get something to eat & go to the hospital to be induced.  So we arrive at 4pm and get hooked up to the monitors etc.  I am dilated to 2 cm & my cervix is very high & thick.  They were going to start inducing with the pill Cytotec.  They couldn't give it to me right away because the nurse couldn't get a good print out on the baby monitor.  So, finally at 6pm they give me Cytotec.  After you get the pill yo have to stay in bed for 2 hrs.  The nurse came in at 8pm and says the Dr. isn't going to give me another does of Cytotec (you can repeat it every 4 hrs) if nothing happens, she will give another does at 4am, so I can rest through the night.  So, we pull out the roll away's for Matt & Brandon and the both zonk out.  At about 10pm I finally get contrax, just the little ones.  At 12:30am the nurse checks me and I am about 3cm, but cervix is still high & thick.  I get up in the rocker because I can't labor in bed.  At about 4am she checks me again and I am almost 4cm & starting to thin out.  I get up and walk around, but I can't labor very well walking either.  Finally at about 6am she checks me again and I am at 4cm, thin & baby has dropped into place.  Matt finally wakes up at about 5:30am to get me through the tougher contrax.  At about 6:30am I feel "the urge" & tell Matt to go get the nurse.  By that time I was feeling like I couldn't take anymore pain, however I knew that I would be holding my lil miracle in a short time.  The nurse comes in and checks me!  YES!!  I went from 4cm to complete in 1/2 hour.  Now is when Brandon woke up, the nurse took him to get some juice as both grandma's were on there way.  He waited in the hall with the rest of the family.  The Dr. was on her way.  I had to hold in about 3 contrax, not pushing.  The worst part!!  How can you not push??  Well, finally Dr. Kvale made her appearance, 2 pushes later and I was holding my lil boy!!  7:06am  APGAR scores of 8/9.  Daddy got to cut the cord.  He showed his love right away by a "love stream".  Big brother Brandon was the first in the room to see his lil brother.  It was the best moment, all 4 of us fot the first time.  Very Special.  I was so glad that we had him stay, we didn't want him to miss the moment.  Brandon was in the hospital with us the entire time.  He was so well behaved & never acted jealous or left out.  It is amazing when you think of what you are blessed with.  AMAZING!!
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