Their monarchial ascension from the ashes of defeat was fabled, and they rose to heights unbeknownst on imaginary wings spun of their own legend, and of their vast aspirations for the future. They existed in a euphoric state of divided unity, as divinity within the realms spawned and was thus kindled into a potent bonfire, conflagrating with sacrament passion in the hearts of those who bore it. Yet from the flames of such splendor and enlightenment came anathema, and it reaped upon the souls of the tranquil universe. this lethal spark of enmity gave rise to great wars, slaugherings of rulers once hailed by thousands, great, morbid massacres. The once-serene atmosphere now reeked of carnage, macabre demons inhabited the infant shadows and devoured the innocent, spawning creatures of anathema like themselves. It was into this apocalyptic anarchy that Eclypse fell, fading with sadistic slowness into cataclysmic oblivion, until there remained nothing, a void in time and space where a great empire once stood.

Yet it rose, ascending from the dormant sands of time to the call of the few that remembered it as it had been. And the risen Empire showed the world that which had been forgotten timeless eternities ago, lo, the arcane omnipotence of resurrection! what lay buried in mirthless destruction has risen anew. Embark, forsaken vagabond, on a journey into the past, present, and future, into a world newly reborn. Where your very survival is trivial, but the rewards of success go far beyond that of this world, as you inscribe your name alongside countless other legends of this immortal story. Leave behind your blasphemous concepts of mortal existence and enter the world of the eternal, Penumbra...


Shores of Resurrection

Enter these shores and allow yourself to be ressurected, and start new.

The Aisle of Wisdom

Learn them, know them, absorb them. They will come to use in many ways.

The Halls of Memory

Beneath the pane that divides past and future, lay many that, although gone, shall never be forgotten.


Luminae Coast
the puissant falcons;
led by Cassiad

Mount Couriva
the arcane ravens;
led by Rapture

Liberation Wood
A land of freedom, where hierchy and the stress of your realm may be left behind.
The Gates of Carnage
Here is where the heats of war are revealed, and all tensions materialise in the form of fierce combat.

Obscurity Canyon
Allow yourself to be consumed by the land of stealth, and achieve what you wish through theivery.


OOC Chat

Become what you are, socialise with the players, but keep it nice.


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