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Russell Crowe gets a blow.By Yvonne Leilani

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I found the astrological analysis of Russell on your web site quite good. I thought you might be interested in my opinion of Russell's natal chart. I am a fairly good amateur astrologer, and I have been fairly successful doing chart rectifications in the past. Since Russell is such a fascinating fellow and there doesn't seem to be any time data out there, but there is place and date, I thought I would try my hand at a rectification.

Chart rectification is basically professional guesswork, but, since one's natal chart basically is a map of the timing of events in one's life, a good professional astrologer can usually cast an accurate birth chart without knowing the time. Some astrologers do this for a living and are quite good at it.

His time of birth as I see it is 2:00 AM, Wellington, New Zealand time on April 7, 1964. What follows is a basic explanation of why I chose that time and placement of planets for his natal chart. Once you have read my explanation and looked at the attached chart I would be interested in hearing your opinion of my rectification.

I started with the rising sign. What seemed to fit him the best was an Aquarius ascendant. He is eccentric, ornery, EXTREMELY intelligent, and all of the other qualities typical of this rising sign. This is the first thing you see in him when you come into contact with him.

Once you have established the sign on the Ascendant, the next thing is to figure out is the house placements of the rest of the planets. From this you can establish the exact degree of the rising sign.

Russell Crowe between films. Russell has Saturn in Pisces. Based on his Saturnine appearance (notice the deep-set eyes and the tendency to grow a beard), as well as his tendency to overwork and be too hard on himself in many ways, Saturn seems to fit best in his first house.

I had a hard time with the presence of four planets in Aries and Mercury in Taurus. I wasn't sure whether to put them all in the third house or some in the fourth house, but eventually I realized that Mars belonged in his second house. This makes sense because people with Mars in their second house don't tend to like knives or razors and try to shave as little as possible because of this -- something Russell has mentioned more than once. Also, the second house is the money house, the house of resources and the house of your own sexuality; Russell is definitely very aggressive with these talents.

Sun, Jupiter and Mercury all make sense in his third house. The third house rules communications, siblings, early education, early childhood, etc. This is a man with a very strong Gemini energy. Someone with a Sun in their third house picks up languages very quickly and tends to have excellent verbal skills. Jupiter in the third house particularly conjunct the Sun here is excellent for an actor because it makes a person very positive, particularly in their speech. Mercury in the third house makes a person love to tell stories -- that's Russell to me. Some of his interviews are just him recounting stories of things that have happened to him or around him while he is working.

Venus in the fourth is a love of land and country -- no kidding. Russell loves his farm, and he loves Australia. The north node is what we are striving towards in this life-time and Russell's north node in the fifth house has him striving towards being creative and the best artist he can be. Venus in Gemini in the fourth house also reveals another love -- he has a great loyalty for both Australia and his Maori roots (New Zealand's aboriginal people). The fourth house also rules ones roots.

Putting his Pluto and Uranus conjunction in his seventh house made the most sense to me. He has Venus in his fourth house squaring this conjunction. Pluto square Venus and Venus square Saturn means a lot of heartbreak in love until much later in life. The issues that these squares are about are so intense in Russell's life that Pluto and Uranus in the seventh house (the house of partnerships and marriage) makes a lot of sense to me. Also, one of his biggest issues in finding a mate is finding a woman willing to make her home base the outback of Australia, as shown by Pluto squaring Venus in the house of the home (the fourth house).

Uranus in the seventh means he wants a non-traditional relationship and/or a mate or a relationship that is quite possibly ahead of its time. It will be interesting to see when he finally does marry what sort of marriage he will create with his wife. I suspect it will not be the usual sort. This man is definitely not a white-picket-fence sort of man. Also, where Pluto is located in your chart is what you are obsessed about, as well as showing he has pretty rigid ideals. I suspect Russell has a very definite picture of who he wants his future wife to be -- which is why he has not married Danielle, Meg or any other of the women he has dated.

Forget Russ! Who's this stud? As to the two loves, look at his fifth house. The ruler of his fifth house is Gemini. Where Gemini is in a chart is where duality exists. If it is on the cusp of our tenth house then two careers. If it is on the cusp of the fifth house then two loves and/or possibly two children, as the fifth house also rules children. So I think his palm and your intuition about this is correct.

I know in your analysis you said that he will marry more than once, but Aries men don't tend to be this way just in general. Pluto in his seventh house conjuncting his eighth house cusp here would make him refuse to marry unless he found the ideal that he is looking for. With the conjunction to the eighth house cusp I suspect the ideal that he is looking for is his soul mate.

One meaning for the eighth house that is not widely known is that, in addition to being the house of sex, elimination, reincarnation, and other people's money, it is also the house of one's soul mate. So with Pluto conjunct this house's cusp that may be part of what he's looking for. With Uranus here, though, I wonder if she will be what he is expecting or thinks he is expecting.

Someone with Saturn in their first house and such hard aspects to Venus should not marry until after they are forty. In many cases, the Saturn-square-Venus aspect won't let them marry until they are older no matter how hard they try. Something always seems to go wrong in the relationship. However, after they turn forty relationships become much easier. They eventually they do find the happiness they seek.

Someone with Pluto squaring Venus is also obsessed about either love or sex. Some astrologers say this is the prostitute's aspect. Apparently if you don't use this aspect to obsess on just sex, then you obsess about love. Possibly he could be a great lover. Also, Pluto in the seventh house would make it very difficult to let go of relationships -- which is why Russell is, as he calls himself, "the king of unrequited love." It is very difficult for him to let go. This is probably why he goes back to Danielle over and over again even though he won't marry her and it is obvious that he is not happy with her.

Scorpio is the sign on the Midheaven in this chart. That makes a lot of sense considering how sexy and sexual this man is and also how controlling he can be. Remember Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of obsession, control, etc.

Putting Neptune at the top of his chart in the tenth house and conjunct the Midheaven makes sense here, too. People with this location of Neptune are seen by the public as having a great deal of sex appeal. With Neptune and his Midheaven in Scorpio, Russell seems to have more than his fair share.

Russell and his true love. Also, the tenth house is the house of the career. Neptune is a very creative and artistic planet. This man could not be anything but an artist (as if we didn't already know this).

I have put his Moon in his 12th house. This is not an easy placement for a Moon. It can make it very difficult to know what his emotions are. His moon in the 12th house can also make his feelings his Achilles heel. His emotions can be too sensitive, and, at times, too near the surface. Also, somehow emotionally he can find himself living in the past. Actually, I like this placement of the moon for Russell. It is a difficult placement for the planet that rules one's feelings, but it makes Russell human.

As to the moon not being as close to the ascendant as you would like due to his "sensitive core," the sensitive core still comes through because you have got Neptune conjunct the Midheaven. Neptune rules Pisces and is the natural ruler of the 12th house. This brings his feelings out of the twelfth house and right out in front. This is why one's first impression of this man is of someone with excellent verbal and intellectual skills with an unexpected, free-floating vulnerability. Also, the actual ruler of his 12th house is Saturn in Pisces in the first house, so he feels it directly. Saturn in Pisces gives a person a lot of sensitivity. Because it is Saturn, it feels more like a tragic flaw. They either feel like a victim or martyr (typical of Pisces).

© June 2001

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