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I love Jim Henson's Muppets. Watched every episode of The Muppet Show when I was a child. My favorite was Kermit. I had a plush Frog with Velcro on it's hands and feet. Mom tells me she kept finding poor Kermie with his limbs tied behind his back around table legs, chair legs, bedposts . . .

Both spent many years in musical theater before breaking into movies. Animal was part of the Muppet Show, and Russell toured with the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Mmmmm . . . Russell!

Gladiator Crowe is gonna run through mask-boy.

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Animal, one of Jim Henson's Muppets.

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They both tend to bite people in the bum. Literally, in Animal's case.
Their first love is their music. Animal plays drums for Electric Mayhem, and Russ' side project is 30 Odd Foot of Grunts (TOFOG).
Both look good in chains.
Which they need because when they lose their temper, the fur flies and everything gets smashed, demolished, broken, bloodied, bruised, etc, etc . . .
Perhaps that's why both are missing teeth. Russ has a cap up top (he got it knocked out playing rugby as a teen), and Animal only has 7 bottom teeth.
They appear crude, but are really deep and sensitive human beings. Did you know Animal is spiritual and likes Renoir (the painter)?
Neither tire easily, or be contained for long.
Their most beautiful feature is their eyes. On Animal, that's all you CAN see.
Woman! Woman! Woman! (see wav )

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