Russell Crowe - Go Russ Go!
by xPheremone
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Go Russ Go! is different. It is my firm belief that by the time you reach my site, you've read the articles and seen all the pictures. You're ready for something different. Something fun. You won't find articles here. You won't find movie descriptions, shoot reports, or updated Crowe news. You won't find page after of page of pictures.

What will you find here? Trivia, astrology predictions, toon parodies, interactive games and polls. Estrogen-laced humor (with a healthy dose of testosterone thrown in for flavor). Why? A traditional site would bore me silly. So I've devoted my time and energy to expressing myself and showing what interests me about Russell Crowe.

So what else do you need to know? Oh, yes - navigation. Links to individual pages on the left. Right bar goes back to the top of the page. Logo picture goes back here. Arrows cycle through all the important pages of my site. I also use a special font. If you want it, click here, and unzip it in your "Fonts" folder (in the Windows or WINNT folder). Please email me if you have questions, concerns, or trouble. Enjoy!

If you can't eat it, spend it or make love to it, you might as well laugh at it.
Arthur Ravenel, Jr. (US Senator, SC); July 2, 2001)

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