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Johnny Bravo, the studliest of caricatures. He knows it. He flaunts it. He never scores. A truly clever cartoon. If you don't know who I'm talking about, check your Cartoon Network listings.

Their deep, guttural growl drives women into a frenzy. A slapping frenzy in Johnny's case. (Awww, poor Johnny!)
They both like children, they just don't know how to deal with them.
They both LOVE their mothers. Russell lives with his! He even named his farm in New South Wales, Australia, "Jocelynd"!
Russ and Johnny used cheesy pick-up lines to get dates. While beefing up for L.A. Confidential, he walked up to a lady incorrectly working her tricep and said, "Could I talk to you about your form?" He wound up dating her for two years. Johnny doesn't have that luck. Wav files below are Johnny's lines. The studly Johnny Bravo himself
Both sport hairstyles that always seem, well, dated (see below). There's hope; a hair stylist gets a hold of Russ sometimes.

Crowe's hair through the years

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See pics below More of Russell's hair

More Johnny Bravo Lines:

Kind of Girl
Statue of David

Russell Crowe standing in a field
Johnny Bravo standing in a field

Testosterone oozes from their pores. Russ works it. Johnny, well, gets slapped.
"Maybe you can stand to be sweet and sensitive all the time, but that's not my style." -- Johnny Bravo
Both were overweight at some point. Russ gained 40 pounds for The Insider on a diet of bourbon and cheeseburgers. Johnny drank a six-week supply of "Uber-Mass" and woke up fat.
Check the pecs! Hi! Ha! Hyuah! Man, he's pretty!

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