Mr. Lover Russell - Russell Crowe - Go Russ Go!
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Sun in Aries Russell with his (*cough*) horse
Moon in Aquarius
His Illumination: A spellbinder
His Dark side: Snobbish

Getting Fearless with Miss Stone This one offers romance, and all the "right" things. He comes from a good background, education, social circle, etc. He smoked a pipe at an early age. He was the liberal at school. He has a secret invention in the works. He keeps everyone spellbound, if he so desires, including his co-workers. He needs to sell, promote, design, and control. He'd be a perfect citizen astronaut. He likes to laugh a lot and to party. Just make sure the surroundings aren't tacky. This one must associate with class. He'll get some strange ideas from time to time, some little group sex experiments (he will not think this tacky). But surprise, he won't expect you to go along. He actually wants you to have a mind of your own. He likes the soft and cuddly type, as long as she is a real person underneath it all. He can tell about people better than most any man. He builds his life on people and dealing with groups. He won't be fooled. Be the genuine article and he'll see lots of you. Keep your metallics for the bedroom, and wear the lace and velvets in public. He's got an old fashioned streak about his woman. He wants an ideal mate (he's pretty ideal himself). Someone "well bred." He will probably meet the woman of his dreams at the local planetarium, or in a computer class. He will stare ahead absentmindedly pretending not to notice you. He was just taking inventory. If you did not meet all his physical specifications, he really will ignore you. The physical specifications he was taking stock of were: good teeth, clear eyes, good posture, general alertness, etc. He has his own standards of beauty. Long term relationships are best for him with an Aquarius with some Leo in her chart. Or a Leo with some Pisces. Or, well, gee, he loves them all. - Taken verbatim from The Book of Lovers, by Carolyn Reynolds.

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