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Crowe lighting up. Planet Positions:
Sun 1715 (Aries)
Moon 757 (Aquarius)
Mercury 622 (Taurus)
Venus 257 (Gemini)
Mars 639 (Aries)
Jupiter 2845 (Aries)
Saturn 125 (Pisces)
Uranus 629 (Virgo)
Neptune 1714 (Scorpio)
Pluto 1205 (Virgo)


Mr. Crowe has good taste and a solid appreciation for beauty. His thoughts are geared towards practical, financially beneficial, or material ends. He has an intense desire to stand out from the crowd. He truly wants to be a winner. He must achieve in everything, needs it, thrives on it, and hates to be obstructed. Will even intuitively shift his own convictions to achieve his goals. He's quite a pill when he's not getting anywhere. PATIENCE is something he needs to learn because rushing through situations usually causes him problems. And for God's sakes, don't tick him off. His temper is violent, brutal, and short.

Crowe peers left Russell is pleasant and friendly, with a good speaking voice and a dynamic, even witty, disposition. A physically beautiful man, his sensitivity and artistic ability would do well in the performing arts. Talents present at birth could show up in early childhood.

He carries a precise, well-disciplined, and thorough mind. Russell may not leave anything to chance. His good speaking voice and dynamic disposition can influence people much in the way teachers and clergy do. Even though sometimes he can rattle on about boring crap, much to the annoyance of others. Depending on the day and year, he can be rude or overbearing.

Understanding him isn't incredibly complicated. A straightforward and clear thinker, he'll strip away the weeds to get at the true dirt of a matter. His optimistic enthusiasm is tempered with practicality, caution, and foresight. Freedom in all areas is very important to Russell. He WON'T conform to rules unless they are justifiable and explained to him.

Russell is a generous, selfless humanitarian . . . without getting too personal. But he can be selfish, too. Especially when it comes to women (see Sex & Romance). He perhaps has an unusual degree of intuition or empathy for an Aries. If he turns too far inward, can get lost in illusion. Sometimes he can have difficulty living in the present and be nervous about the past. Mr. Crowe might even have negative karma. On his good days, he's humble, understanding and willing to help out less fortunate. Negatively, he's a paranoid worrier.

At 11 Perhaps the first realistic idea of how to achieve his goals came at this time. Or his first chance to express himself through a tangible medium (like acting, music, writing), one that needed careful attention. (First real speaking part)
At 35 His sensitive, serious interpretation expressed openly and maybe recognized. (Oscar nod for "The Insider")
At 37 Expect the unexpected. This year is good for breaking traditions and records. Could this mean a directing opportunity? A-list? Stardom? Jim Carey's paycheck? No - it means Oscar.
At 46 He may have a deep transformation or get obsessed this year. That non-conformist bud is blooming.
At 54 Perhaps a bad year for a relationship. Can't seem to show love even if felt deeply, and he's frustrated. Perhaps an immature approach to love; perhaps satyristic tendencies (late mid-life crisis?).
At 68 Good karma year. Perhaps he will finally have that ground-breaking effect. Free will needed. Or he could withdraw completely.

Key words for Russell: Adventurous, aggressive, assertive, cautious, competitive, confident, courageous, determined, energetic, full of pride, headstrong, independent, non-conformist, outgoing, practical, stubborn, temperamental.

Standouts & Specific Challenges

Russell's first life-long challenge is perhaps the most personal. He will have problems with romantic relationships. As stated above, he needs an active, lively mate. Generally gets along well with women, even if he is a tad fickle. However, when it comes time to compromise or work through a problem, he'll all too often try to profit from it. Or if the problem is too complex, he'll get frustrated and leave. He won't tolerate another's advice and won't sacrifice personal freedoms to make it work.

Russ looking put out in The Sum of Us Russell may also say one thing and do another. This is the wrong way to go, for this'll lead to break-up and DIVORCE. If he takes a long trip, meditates on it, and patiently reasons through it he'll come out on top. Problem solved.

Second is a more sensitive issue. He feels he needs to express himself and influence a great many people (or animals). Perhaps even control them. He may not have the faculties to do this properly (acting out other character's lives as opposed to writing or composing his own--with which he hasn't been "successful").

In addition he has an emotional urge to do something that will affect a generation. It has to be unexpected and ground-breaking. This usually manifests itself in an energetic, aggressive and masculine manner. He may use his creative abilities as an emotional outlet. May concern protecting families (not valid if born before 10:00 am). Or to help other people or animals (not valid if born after 10:30 pm). He'll react poorly to sudden, emotional events, or have a long-standing issue another prominant male in his life.

Finally, Russell must learn not to see-saw back and forth. Often he will feel tugged at by two sides of a choice, for he understands them both. If he uses this wisely, he'll add his balanced insights to a tough problem and solve it in a unique way. If he doesn't, he'll wallow in indecision and make things harder than they need to be.

Compare his sun and moon with
your sun, moon, rising signs!

Sex & Romance

Russell will marry more than once. He can be selfish, and often feels like he needs more than one outlet for his affections (have children, ladies). He can also be a lazy bum when it comes to maintaining the relationship. He could also profess feelings he doesn't have, and say one thing and then do the opposite.

Russell generally gets along well with women. He has no trouble attracting them, since his personality may intuitively shift to get what he desires. It's so subtle, it's not noticeable. An extremely passionate person, he needs as much fulfillment sexually as in other emotional pursuits. A lively, interesting mate who's not quick to over react to his sudden mood bursts is what he needs. And lots of spontaneous, adventurous sex. To an extreme, he can be lusty, yet deeply offended by crude behavior.


As a child, he must not have handles rules and unclarified restriction too well. His schooling may have suffered, too. Until he saw other kids getting ahead of him, that is! Enthusiastic and energetic, Russell would make a lively dad. He's also sensitive to a child's delicate emotions, but if they conflict with his own desires, he won't cater to them. Not a patient man, though.

Great shot of Crowe with a dalmation

Career & Leisure

Because Russell Crowe doesn't take well to restrictions, he needs a job where he is free to express himself. He's got to be good at it, too, or he's unhappy. Working in a stimulating, busy, noisy environment is best. But he'll like it only if he's out in front of the mob. He may have to work with lots of tools. And it's not uncommon for him to take on many different types of work.

A very ambitious character, he's a shrewd mind for business. It's not unusual for Crowe to have two or more sources of income. He needs to be careful, though, or he'll fritter away his money. However, there are a couple references to wealth in his chart.

Russ accels at research and investigation, even if it's a daunting subject. Though not a brilliant and original thinker himself (except with work), he understands deep, complex subjects.

A selfless worker, Russell takes large projects further than another would, sometimes to the point of overzealousness. Cautiously analyzing every detail and refining his work to perfection and efficiency. He could lead masses in educational or spiritual arenas. He would make a good manager, and will probably leave his mark on a generation (of people or animals) An active participant in life, he may play games & sports (especially football and car racing), gamble, and long-distance travel. As long as the activity is varied.


Active, needs it, thrives on it. Possible to overstrain. Hearty appetite, likes traditional dishes with lots of spice and flavor. Perhaps digestive and nervous system problems (especially emotionally related). Generally good health. Health problems erratic sometimes. Good mental and emotional health.

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