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Michele has been a student of Numerology for about 4 years. She began studying in order to learn more about the name she and her husband had chosen for their second child. She instantly became hooked.

Once she became familiar with Numerology, Michele began doing profiles for friends and family. She found it amazingly accurate as well as a lot of fun! Like Astrology and Palmistry there are several different methods and several masters. She learned Numerology using the Pythagoras Number System.

Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician and metaphysician who lived during the 6th century B.C. He was most widely known for his proposition that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. Pythagorean numerology analyzes both name and date of birth, and the interaction between the two. The basic vibrations are 1 through 9.

I have taken what I have learned and have applied it towards our favorite subject ... Russell. As always, this is my analysis and with all of the mystic sciences, there are many different ways to learn and several different interpretations available. Feel free to email me with any questions you have at: I will be happy to provide you with several sources if you wish to learn Numerology.

Russell's Number Breakdown

  3     5         6   5
9   1 1   3 3 3 9   5  

Birth Date: April 7, 1964

Life Path Number

The Life Path Number is the number that he must fulfill in some way in order to achieve true happiness. Russell's Life Path Number is 4, "The Teacher."

General Info: Russell has a very cerebral and intelligent Life Path number. As a thinker, and as intelligent people most often do, he is so far inside his own head that you won’t have a clue as to what it is he is thinking. He has to live his life exactly to his master plan, anything else is completely unacceptable.

Awww, ain't he cute? He is just not satisfied with learning a new skill, he has to master it to the point of perfection. This is what makes him an exceptional teacher.

His honesty, directness and frankness are often mistaken for cynicism. You have to take him with good humor because he generally does not mean you any harm. He is just trying to make your life easier by being direct and not beating around the bush.

Home, Outdoors and Friends: Home and family will always be extremely important and play a major part of his life. He requires the stability and securities of home to keep him grounded and provide him a necessary retreat when the stresses and demands of every day life begin to wear him down.

Russell derives his pleasure from doing things that most of us would not. He is a lover of Mother Nature and because of that it gives him a very grounded quality. He may occasionally give the appearance that he prefers the fast-paced part of life, but he prefers to move slowly and be close to home, even if only in his heart.

If you are one of the chosen few selected to join his inner realm, you are fortunate indeed. He is extremely selective who he invites into his life.

Russell in Love: When he is in love, he is extremely open and sincere about it. Betrayal usually means the end of a relationship because honesty is so important to him. Even after the end of a relationship, he will be loyal and protective, if only to preserve the memories of the good times that were shared. It also may be hard for him to love again once his heart has been broken.

Negative Qualities: He can be guilty of concentrating so much on his work, and living so much in his own head, that he won’t notice the relationship is falling apart. He will be shocked and devastated when it ends.

Natural Matches: 2, 4 and 8 - "The Business Numbers." The 4 is in the business of security, home and stability. The 2 is in the business of love and the building it's foundation. The 8 is in the business of money and power (like politics or sports) anything on a grand scale. Out of the numbers, the combo that will have the most difficult time is the 4 and 8 together. They both learn the hard way, they have to hit their heads before they learn, and they don’t take advice well so they tend to go through a tough experience. But, when they overcome it, their rewards are great!

Soul Number

Is it even him? This is part of his character even if it isn't seen by most people. Russell's Soul Number is 1, "The Leader."

Self-motivated, independent and hard working are words often used to describe him. Unfortunately, he may be blind as to how talented he really is. He has a fierce, competitive desire and is always striving to be the best. But he will beat himself up over the smallest detail that did not go as planned. He may also feel as if he is running out of time.

Negative Qualities: He is extremely competitive and tends to be very critical of himself and others. Russell has to keep moving and may have a hard time embracing the moment. He is in control of himself so much that anyone who offers advice or tries to tell him how to live makes him extremely defensive and angry.

Personality Number

This is how people perceive him and the face he shows the world. Russell's Personality Number is 7, "The Faith Seeker."

Russell has an incredibly bright and powerful mind that he knows how to use. However, he will not truly be happy until he has learned to have faith. If he has already accomplished this, then you will learn from (and gravitate to) his spirituality. He believes that there are basically two types of people, those who believe in God and those who think that they are God.

Introspective pose. You will always know if he does not like someone because he makes it extremely obvious. He believes in being true to himself and expects the same of others. He has a mental steel door. If he decides he does not want you in his life, he will shut it tight. He enjoys being alone, even though his life doesn’t lend itself to that pleasure often.

He enjoys nature and is extremely connected to water of any type. He is very attune to details and is good at discovering things. He will often come up with a major solution to a problem, and not necessarily know where the answer came from.

He has an air of mystery. He revels in keeping the world guessing. The more you pry or ask questions, the more you will get shut out. He may have trouble saying, "I love you," or praising his partner because he doesn’t want them to feel too good for him and end up leaving. The irony is that this person often does leave because she feels undervalued and neglected. He is faithful and loyal in love (and even to the memory of the relationship once it is over), and will not be one to cheat.

He will throw himself into his work because it is his passion and he has control there. People often misjudge him because he seems cold or aloof, but he is just being observant. Russell's silence can be powerful. He is extremely opinionated and only says what matters.

Power of the Name Number

It is what the name he uses on a daily basis says about him. Russell's Power of the Name Number is 8, "The Executive."

Russell may be "down to earth" but, there he does crave (if even a little) the finer things in life. He has an excellent executive ability because he is efficient and straight to the point. He does not have much tolerance for people who feel sorry for themselves. He would be the one to say "Sorry mate about your bit of back luck. Now, get up and go on."

No, don't get up. He doesn't take advice well because he can have an iron will and only want things his way. It is almost as if he has to experience a problem, mishap, or trauma just so he can learn from it and say, "Ok, I will never do that again." Unfortunately, this is the only way he will learn his lesson.

Eight is the number of politicians and people in power who want control and to make a difference. Russell may need to slow down every now and then because he will tend to let his goals and dreams take over. He won't relax or take the time to remember what it is he is working so hard for.

He must remember to provide personal attention to those he chooses to be part of his life. Mood swings and depression are common. Eights often need to remember that life is not as overwhelming as they think it is.

Russell will need to pay special attention to his health because he can (and will) get hurt easily. This means that he may want to be extra alert and keep his focus when he drives or participates in sports (or gladiatorial bloody battles, massive gun fights, sky surfing off a helicopter, or just a friendly game of soccer with his mates).

Birthday Number

This number may give people an impression; they may sense this from him even if he doesn't wear it on his sleeve. Russell's Birthday Number is 7. Russell's Birthday and Personality Numbers are the same. This will aid him in the journey to develop this part of his life. Read the Personality definition for more details.

Attitude Number

This is how he communicates to people. People will expect him to operate from his Attitude Number. The fact that his Personality Number and Attitude Numbers are different suggest that he will need to let people know right away who he is. Otherwise, they won’t have a clue. Russell's Attitude Number is 3.

Blessed with charisma and a wicked sense of humor, he may have a bit of the "Peter Pan Syndrome’ and not necessarily want to grow up. The old southern saying, "if (daddy) ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" fits him perfectly. When he is in a good mood, you will find a big smile and wonderful conversation. However, you are not allowed to be happy around him if he is in a bad mood.

Destiny Number

The Destiny Number tells what it is he will need to fulfill inevitably. This number is based on the full birth name and should not be ignored. He should try to find a way to use it to his advantage. Russell's Destiny Number is 9, "The Humanitarian."

Peter, Peter Pan. Russell may be a natural leader, but deep inside he needs to be needed. He commands every room he walks into. People will often assume he is in charge even if he is only there for a relaxing visit.

He has the deep seeded need to take care of other people. In fact, he may take such good care of everybody’s business (even his own) that most people will mistake his control for strength. They won't notice if he is in trouble. He needs to learn how to let his guard down and actually say when he wants a hug or kiss - not just think it. (hey, I can help him with that!!)

As much as he hates it, Russell will often find himself the center of attention. A true gentleman, he will always be respectful to everyone, even those under his authority. He is, however, very hard on himself. Russell will assume responsibility if even the smallest detail goes wrong. He needs to learn how to forgive himself for being human. If he learns not to live in the past and focus on the moment, he can make a huge difference.

He is often seen as condescending or patronizing because he will strive for perfection. People will follow, regardless whether he does something good or bad (He is just more fun when he is bad). He would make a wonderful teacher, writer, reporter, doctor, lecturer, artist, illustrator, and social worker. He is also excellent with children.

Intensity Number

This number represents the intensity inside of him. Russell's Intensity Numbers are 3 and 5 (this is where it gets fun!!!).

He is the consummate entertainer, joker, and celebrator of life. Creativity is like oxygen to him and he will always mix well in social situations. He sincerely enjoys people. He is wickedly playful. Russell has a childlike quality, and he may never fully grow up.

Russell LOVES sex!!! He can be romantic and extremely fun. He enjoys candles, lingerie, and beauty in all its forms. It is typical of someone with a "5" intensity number to want to make every romantic occasion a special event. He wants to party and enjoy himself. However, if he isn’t careful, he can get into trouble. Passion is the key.

The First Vowel

The First vowel tells what is true for him inside. It is something he is always going to feel. Russell's first Vowel is "U."

A master communicator, he can convey a story beautifully with so much animation and excitement that he often will be out of breath during the narration.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky Month April (Lucky for him it is his Birth Month!)
Lucky Days of Month 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st
Lucky Day of Week Thursday
Lucky Numbers 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76, 85, 94, 103

Resources for Further Study

  • Beginners: Glynis Has Your Number, GM Publishing, Inc., P.O. Box 102, Seal Beach, CA 90740.
  • Advanced: Numerology : The Complete Guide (Volume 1) by Matthew O. Goodwin.
  • Pythagoras Link.

© Copyright July 2001 by Michele (from Texas). Email her with your questions at

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