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Crowe's right hand. DISCLAIMER: I developed this reading based on large images of Crowe's hands. I worked with about 5 left hands, and 2 right hands. The pictures weren't perfectly clear. Though I could see most of his major features, the finer lines (event triggers) were not visible. Thus, most of this reading only concerns his predisposition and basic personality.

Russell has all the signs of a performer on his hands - basic conic shape, long index fingers, and full mounts in all the right places. He can easily command attention. He MUST express himself, especially through writing. He has plenty of ideas and mental energy and dexterity. But he doesn't have the sense to express it properly. Originality may be lacking. This skill may be refined later on, though.

A strong line of fate shows that purpose and direction will be felt early. The path is clear and straight. It breaks up around before the heart line, which means he may be satisfied with his job mentally, but not satisfied with it. Russ may feel he's talented in many areas. He's certainly confident and ambitious enough to try them all. But he may have trouble at some point picking just one occupation. Such a clear fate line suggests that he won't have much of a choice - his career will choose him.

Adult-sized hands on a young Crowe. He may not know what to do after the acting bug dies. He may end up having three different careers - one major one, and two side interests. One of these side interests will be pleasurable and creative because the a line travels from the heart line to the ring finger (finger of happiness and creativity). The other may tax both his mind and his heart, but may not lead anywhere fruitful. Emotional issues may thwart success, or successes will be fleeting.

Though he's not born with it, Crowe will learn financial aptitude and perhaps have business interests later in life. That might help.

The shape of his hands show that Russell is quick, intuitive and impressionable. He is sympathetic, spontaneous, easily moved, generous and friendly. But his emotional responses may be inconsistent, and he may feel vulnerable.

Crowe's left hand Which explains why he holds his stiff thumbs close to his hands. It suggests an antagonistic, argumentative, and quite intolerant disposition with inflexible opinions. He may not be as friendly and forthcoming if the mood suits him.

Another pronounced mount opposite his thumb suggests a restless inner state, perhaps mental aggression. A waist-less thumb shows that Crowe may use arguing and reason to make his point.

He may have a problem with self-control. A long bottom section on his index fingers suggest that he desires control, and may lack refinement. He needs to work on tact. The man needs patient friends.

Thinking Croweman. Russell needs space and freedom. He can't stand being cooped up in small buildings. He desires a wide range of activities and has an expansive disposition. A creative curve at the base of his palm shows that he has lots of physical energy and is always open to new experiences.

One definite true love and two broken hearts await Mr. Crowe (that I can see) - one early and one later in life. A high mount below the base of the thumb shows that Russ is a VERY passionate man. He is loves everything - life, nature, sex, drink, food, and especially good times. He loves to please others. The full mount opposite his thumb shows he is imaginative and idealistic. Unfortunately, he may be more concerned with self-gratification later on because the mounts on his right hand are noticeably smaller. Or he might be more sensual than romantic. Or perhaps his passion becomes more work-related later on.

Though he is kind and loving, Russ is not one to fall in love impetuously. It won't matter anyway, because he is such an emotionally strong person that love will not be so much a necessity. But at some point he may feel disappointed with the emotional opportunities he's been given. (GET MARRIED! MAKE BABIES!)

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