Fan Parodies 2 - Russell Crowe - Go Russ Go!
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More parodies from Russell Crowe's fans! To find out how to submit your toon parodies and comparisons, click here.

Stan, Kyle, and Cartman search for clitoris on the net and hit a German coprophiliac site in South Park, Bigger Longer and Uncut.

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Mr. Jones tries out his son's new deodorant made from cat sweat (Bloom County, by Berke Breathed).
Fans react to Russ' surgery pics on The Inside Story. TMI, Russ, TMI. From: xPheremone Russ prepares for his shave. From: xPheremone

Crowe dances with some orphans.

Russell Crowe played Robin Hood in Ecuador for an orphanage. He donated monies from the charity soccer match he helped organize. From: Mar

Gromit & a Sheep

Crowe with an admiring fan (which one's the fan?) From: Mar

The Great Snake Slaughter. Bloom County by Berke Breathed.

Crowe v. his Oscar Competition. From: xpheremone

Wallace & Gromit

Ridley Scott and RC's reaction to the first draft of Gladiator. From: Mar

Daffy Duck breaks out into a song Daffy spars

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While practicing gymnastics for a part, RC hurt his shoulder so bad he required surgery. From: Mar

Dudley Do-Right
From: Mar
Popeye & Olive Oyl
From: Mar
Meg & RC (and Dennis) Russell Crowe on a date with Meg Ryan.

Opus by Berke Breathed & Russell Crowe at the 2001 Oscars
From: xpheremone
From: Mar

RC with the giggles.



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