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There is so much about Russell Crowe that just doesn't fall into a category. Like the women in his life, his interest in art, and all the ramblings and jokes that I can't stick elsewhere (be honest now - that's why you're here, isn't it?).

From Braveheart.
TOFOG fans upon hearing that the tickets to the first show announced would be $60 each.
Click the pic if you don't quite get it.

Rolls Russ Will Never Play

That shrunken head thing from Beetlejuice Beldar from Coneheads

The Great Gazoo from The Flintstones.
Submitted by Michele (Texas)

I love you, Michele.
Submitted by Michele (Texas)

Any roll in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Uh oh ...

Lucky Little Shits

Jamie ONeal

Dates: 1988
Duration: 2 months
Details: Met when she was 19. They were both acting in a play. Country singer with Mercury Records. Her official site.

Danielle Spencer

Dates: 1991 - 1995; 2002 - Present
Duration: 4 years plus
Details: Met while filming The Crossing, in which Crowe costars. They're still great friends. He's taken her to several awards shows, while even when he wasn't officially dating her. Last acting appearance that I know of was in a Beastmaster episode. She's a singer, too. Her official site.

If you have a picture, I would like it.

Dates: LA Confidential days
Duration: 2 - 3 years
Details: He met this American gal while beefing up for Bud White. He cracked a cheesy line; she went out with him anyway. Not much is known about her. One article says she's an aspiring actress. Crowe says, "She's an artist, she paints in oils."

Meg Ryan

Dates: 2000
Duration: about 6 months
Details: Met this popular actress while filming Proof of Life in Equador. She left her husband of 8 years, Dennis Quaid, shortly thereafter (reportedly not because of Crowe). A tabloid firestorm probably contributed to this relationship's demise.

Erica Baxter

Dates: 2000
Duration: 7 days (give or take 7 days)
Details: Australian supermodel who dated Donovan. *Sigh* at least she's not blond.

Lourene Bevaart

Dates: 2001
Duration: Not dating, but good lord that's a lot of woman!
Details: A personal trainer. Former Gladiator called "Glacier," she has been the Austalian Karate Champion four times, World Karate Champion three times (heavyweight division), and has won two World Cups. Ouch. Can you say "spanking"?

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