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Russell up to his eyeballs in work. Active 4/7/02 - 4/7/03

The area of his life of primary focus this year is his work. Lots of long distance travel indicated. There is a strong family/home element this year. There is also an element of altruism - as if his work is to benefit someone else. This probably relates to a directorial debut, specifically in the end stages of preproduction. He may pull from his family history to supplement details in the film. He may also learn more about his own heritage from working on it. He plans to direct and star; shooting begins this spring. Good luck overflows.

There is also a strong literary aspect this year. Let's hope Russ is directly involved with the script, as the muse is awake and active. What he offers will probably help the film, not hamper it. Mental energy is also brimming this year, so much so there is a danger of burnout.

Getting money won't be a problem. Spending it may be. Russell will have to budget. (Is that a grown man I hear crying in the background?) Some expenditures he wants may strap the budget. It may be that he underestimated the length of the shoot, or an unexpected expense may push it over budget. These things happen. He will have to make sacrifices. He will have to make cuts that he doesn't want to make. It'll piss him off.

Russell faced with mind-numbing number crunching. There will be personnel conflicts. He may act impetuous and jump to conclusions based on emotion and instinct, and not on reason. People may see him as egotistical and sarcastic for it; he won't see what they see.

These problems are surmountable if he applies reason. Having to consider a problem rationally when he's used to acting instinctively will irritate him excessively, but he'll just have to break down and do it. Russell should watch that he doesn't develop an ulcer. Remember that this is still your first time directing, Russ. He will need a VERY LONG vacation afterwards.

The freeway running straight from his bank account will widen this year - flowing in from unexpected places and flowing out at an alarming pace (alarming to everyone but Russell, that is). He'll augment his properties with lavish extravagance. He should watch his purchases, though, as he may regret his expenditures later.

Public perception is activated this year by several challenging aspect, ones that we won't necessarily see. He will have an element of elegance, grace and artistry ingrained in his manner. He'll walk the walk in his own special way, subtlety and conservatively. People will look up to him.

Russell's out of his league. Their perception may not match his perception, though. Russell feels he now carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He may feel that people expect him to deliver big time this year, whether it's by earning another Oscar or directing the film to a good result. He wants to do something worthwhile. Responsibilities (and disappointments) will fall heavy. A strong problem-solving aspect will help him out with this. He should rely on that instead of his instincts, no matter how noisy they are. Remember, Russ, THINK it, not FEEL it.

Another conflict is a partner may take advantage of him, probably because Russell trusts him/her too much. He may have an unwise romantic liaison. Romance in general is not particularly lucky this year. Oh, he'll have no trouble ATTRACTING the women - despite the love-handles. (As a matter of fact his sex appeal rises this year!) He'll just make poor choices. He should remember that sometimes the most beautiful people (inside and out) can get real ugly real quick once you cross that line. Both will be much happier just being friends, trust me.


3/22/02: Well, the fourth paragraph about outbursts based on emotion has certainly come to pass, what with the BAFTA incident getting national attention. The second to last paragraph has also begun since people expect him to win the Oscar this Sunday over Denzel Washington for his ABM performance. As to an Oscar prediction -- he still is in his significant event year period, and two Oscars in a row certainly does qualify as an unexpected significant event ...

I sincerely hope that the partner issue mentioned in the last paragraph doesn't apply to Danielle, although I can see how she would benefit more from the relationship career-wise.

1/12/01: Is is just me or does this SCREAM The Long Green Shore? The point of his career has always been to bring more production to Australia, and since his grandfather was a recognized war cinematographer, this is the film that strikes me. I think he can contribute.

NOTE: Once again, this is but a small splattering of what a complete solar return can show. If I had Crowe's birth time, there would be quite a bit more. Please read my DISCLAIMER for more information.

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