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Fan parodies about TOFOG (Russell Crowe's a member of the band). To find out how to submit your toon parodies and comparisons, click here.

Disney's Dumbo
From: pm
Robin Hood and his Merry Men
From: Mar
Fans felt depressed when they found out there'll be no more Austin concerts. TOFOG donated proceeds from 3 Austin concerts to charitable causes.

Javelina in a cowboy hat Disney's Hercules
At TOFOG's Austin, TX, concerts, Dave Wilkins liked being a cowboy. From: Mar Dean Cochran signs autographs. From: Mar

Lumiere from Disney's Beauty and the Beast Scat Cat, English Cat, and Chinese Cat from Disney's Aristocats
Bruno, TOFOG's manager, makes sure it all comes together. From: Mar Stewart, Dave W., & Dave Kelly. From: Mar



Do you have a funny comparison of Russell and your favorite toon? Or know of a funny situation that fits a picture (like Russ & his fan)? Do you want to share it? Email me. But first, please read the following:

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