Phoenix Fleet
Welcome to Phoenix Fleet.
This is a whole new fleet for a whole new time. The Earth Date is now in the 2380's. It is time for a new coming of age, for a New Fleet. Like a Phoenix the Fleet will raise from the Ashs of wars, deaths, and conflict.
Phoenix Fleet is a PBeM, Play By e-Mail, based Sim. There are three Task Forces in the Fleet, three ships in a Task Force plus a Star Base for the Fleet base of Operations. The purpose of the Fleet is to bring Cardassians, Federation, Klingons, and Romulans together to work under one command for a new purpose. The Purpose to survive beyond war, to live in peace, to hopfully not kill each other off.
Phoenix Fleet is new and is still open to applications for Commanding Officers in several positions. Commanding Officers will be allowed to name there own ships and will be able to be a large part in making the Fleet. It is all completly free and welcomes all. So
Apply Today.
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