Steve Perry-Daddies Frontman: This guy is da bomb! He's so incredibly wild and expressive onstage. And really nice to every fan he meets, even the guys who ask him to sign their nipples and butt cheeks. His sticker covered guitar kicks mad tail. Steve's quote: "So, you gonna take a picture picture picture or, oh,(At this point he saw my tape recorder)yeah, that's not a picture that's.. Ah, that's a documentation of our, our entire experiance. So let's make love to the camera."

Tim Donahue-Daddies Drummer: Tim is, and I think nearly everyone that has met him will agree, an absolute sweetheart. He's a very smooth, quiet guy with an Everettish smirk. Everytime he saw us waving and calling his name, he waved back. Tim's quote: (shaking my hand)"So what's your name?...Oh, hmm, I'm Tim."

Dan Shmid-Daddies Bass Dude: Dan is very tall and stickish, and has an obsession with Joycams I guess. Often times happy and smiley. He's really great to talk WITH, not just at. Very witty that Dan. Dan's so talkitive, he has two quotes: Me:"You are a big guy, aren't you?" Dan:"Well tall. Pretty proud of that... the rest of me, anyways I would say I've got a little bit to do...horizontally, got some work. But I don't think that's going to happen there, I'm thirty-seven, I dunno." and the one Mae always thinks of: "Joycam! (laughing like a little kid) Joycam! Joycam!"

Jason Moss-Daddies Lead Guitar: Also known as the King of Cool Hair. Plays with two guitars, an acoustic-like plug in guitar and that sleek, skinny, electric thing. Alright I don't have much to say about Jason because I didn't meet him. He was hiding. He's just really, incredibly talented.

Ian Early-Daddies All-Purpose Sax Dude: He's got long hair, with a cool goatee. Switches between alto and bari...I think that was a bari... Ah, he's married (how sweet!) and I also did not meet him, but he waved to us as he was going offstage, so he's got to be cool.

Dustin Lanker-Daddies Keys Man: He's very classy and happy when fans ask for pictures, at least when Mae did. At really exciting parts in songs, he sticks out his arms like Frankenstein and makes his eyballs bulge out of his head. It's so hilarious to watch him; he's crazy! Also, the man plays a bee-you-tee-ful Dave's Pie Shoppe. It'll bring tears to your eyes. Dustin's quote:"Oh you came prepared. Some people just assume I have a pen, but you're ready for this."

Dana Heitman-Daddies Trumpet Greatness: THE ABSOLUTE BEST TRUMPET PLAYER IN THE UNIVERSE! He's very cool and really nice to those that adore him. (MEEEE!) He's married, too, with a little boy name Bejamin Conrad. You have now IDEA how happy I was when I found out that he and whats-her-face got married. Gives monster bear hugs, is quite friendly and doesn't make you feel like an idiot for jumping around and waving and screaming his name, at least not when you meet him face to face. Dana's quote:"INCREASE THE DOSAGE!"

Sean Flannery-Daddies Tenor Sax and Back-up Dancer :D Really tall, really funny, and really good looking. He and Dan were the two that really seriously talked with us. Sean makes faces if he sees you pointing a camera at him onstage. He's really nice, so if you see him at a concert or anywhere, go talk to him. And don't ask where Steve is. Sean also has two quotes:(In a low growling voice imitating Steve's obsessed fans)"Sign! Where's the singer! Where's Steve? Go find him!" (And after we had mugged for the camera and Mae was giggling wildly) "I did nothing! I did nothing!"