Love Notes From the Guys
Dear Friends,
It's time I too came clean about the depths to which I have sunk in the past year. I, Jason Moss, have gained 300 pounds since the last CPDs gig. After the Soul Caddy tour I plunged into a shame spiral of depression and snack foods, until, alas, I found myself pawning my precious Les Paul for a case of Cozy Shack chocolate pudding. And later that afternoon, as I scraped the last deep brown smear from my bowl, I heard a familiar voice from the TV. It was that of a man who would soon come to my house and get in my face and put me on the path to recovery. A man of dignity, love and tightly permed hair who has helped millions in their fight against obesity.
That man was Richard Simmons.
With chins up I'm now confident that all the Daddies' fans may very well see my once-again-non-existent ass flouncing around a stage somewhere in America, sometime soon. And I might even have Dana, Dan and all them other guys with me.
Love and Much Thanks, Jason Moss

Hello and long time no post. Yeah, I know, the horse I rode in on too........
Just wanted to let you know we had rehearsal today for the first time in 2 years. It was a kick in the a** for sure. I was expecting us to suck major donkey *^%# but it wasn't too bad. Some things actually sounded pretty good. It was really wierd, the really hard things to play I remembered just fine, and the easy stuff....well let's just say the pooch has a sore behind right now. (ba-dump-bump)
I don't think we will be flawless (not that we ever were) But I am looking forward to playing this music once again. It's gonna be fun. At least we won't completely suck.
Oh, BTW, yours truly is gonna get to play with none other than the Temptations, this sunday at the MacDonald Theater here in town. What an honor to play with the masters of soul.
Take care and ttyl.
Dana 1